Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar review

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The new Touch Bar is as close as a MacBook Pro is going to get to a Touch Screen.

Macbook Pro review:
Key features in the new MacBook Pro:
Top 5 things Apple’s new MacBook Pros are missing:
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30 thoughts on “Apple MacBook Pro with Touch Bar review

  1. Or you could just use the gigantic ass touchpad that your fingers are already on and simply not move your entire hand 7 inches to use each time. Nothing they showed here is "streamlined" at all by moving it to a function bar that's nowhere near where your hands currently are.

  2. The only reason youll need a dongle is if you got old stuff. If everything gets usb-c youll have like 2 or 3 of the same cables just to plug different accessories. you got your micro sd card to usb-c to transfer pics from your camera. it charges, and displays video. add a keyboard and mouse.

  3. Let's put the talk about all the dongle aside. Here is why this isn't PRO: You need to keep looking down on the touch bar everytime you want to change anything, to be sure you hit the right button!

  4. We've seen the keynote, we know what the macbook can do, we want to know how it feels and how it applies in the real world from your experience, so this is not really a review.

  5. let me tell you its useless and its only fun to use rather make the whole screen touch thats it
    apple knows how to play with peoples mind ,on the whole I am not impressed

  6. Watched the video but missed actual touch bar review. Was looking author opinions after hours of touch pad usage. Instead I got "marketing presentation" of what are possibilities. Have to wait for some other, true review.

  7. everyone's reviews just talk about the touch bar. we get it. it's a touch screen that replaces the function keys and can do more stuff. now talk about the operating system, how fast it is, gaming, video editing, etc. christ

  8. Touch bar: An obvious gimmick that would make Samsung and Google proud.
    I guarantee Apple will offer touch screen functionality within 5 years.

    USB-C: Its the future. In two years it will be ubiquitous. HOWEVER, the future is not now. Right now and for at least the next two years, i need standard USB and SD card support.

  9. The keyboard is so damn loud, sounds like Morris Code. Can't wait to be at a coffee shop with loud clicking taking place

  10. Thank you, that was very informative. This Help me make a decision on whether to get it or not. I will not get it.

  11. anyone has any idea how to force reboot in macbook pro touch bar?
    Previously you can click power button 10 sec, and that do the work, but now no power button— means if it hangs then what?? wait for battery to drain?

  12. Touch is a huge part of the future of tech. First with touchscreen smartphones and now there are a lot of interfaces that involve touch rather than physical keyboards. Touchscreen and touchbars are less bulky and more aesthetic.

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