Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL/A 13.3-Inch Laptop review – Check it out!

I just got my brand new 13.3″ Macbook Pro in the post. I customised mine with 4GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard drive, but with the entry-level 2.26 GHz Intel processor. I unboxed it in front of my ma and sister, and they were both oohing and aahing about how beautiful and thin it was. They also loved the magnetic connector on the end of the power adapter that snaps the power cord into the PC nearly on its own. I powered the PC up, went thru the Leopard setup screens, and within minutes was logged on. While starting, the light sensor powered on, the screen dimmed, and the keyboard lit-up immediately. Everything about this computer counsels ingenious design and engineering, with great attention to every detail. It is extraordinarily light, and since I am using this for school, I am very happy with the size and form factor, especially the charger. Switching from a big Dell that sported a charger that might be used to bludgeon someone to death, the little white charger that is about the size of a wallet is a breath of clean air. This computer will be fantastic to travel with.

Are there things this computer lacks? Yes, there is no Blu-Ray player, which would have been nice, but for me wasn’t a deal-breaker. I suspect that the next-gen MBP’s will phase out the rotary hard drives and switch to solid state as the standard, and will all have Blu-Ray players. Till that time, this small laptop is more than sufficient.

If I had to come up with a gripe about this computer, there’s actually only one- and this is true for most of Apple’s products- the iPod, iPhone, and MBP’s- I’m wishing that they wouldn’t coat transportable products with textures that are so straightforward to scratch. It is apparent that after a few months of toting this to class, it is going to have some scuffs on it. It seems like a bit of a paradox that a company that puts so much value on aesthetics seems only to care about the way the product looks when it is taken out of the first packaging. Having said that , this portable feels intensely robust, and aside from ordinary wear and tear marks, I am not scared that it will fall apart, which is a heap more than I will say for my prior piece of crap plastic Dell.

In reading other reviews, people seem to be unable to realise that this qualifies as a ultraportable computer. It is just not going to have a peripheral hookup for every kind of flash card and five USB hookups. Are people serious with lambasting Apple for merging the audio jack in / out ports into one single port? Truly, who gives a rat’s a$$? This is a PORTABLE computer, not a media center. If you’re a user who favors those things, then you are free to go out and purchase the required adapters, but I’d rather have a light-weight computer that I will simply tote around. If you want a laptop that’s prepared for any occasion, go buy an eight lb. Dell desktop replacement, and have fun. I for one think people just need an incentive to groan or find something to complain about. The truth is that for the cash, you aren’t going to find a better laptop than this one. It costs more than competing computer products, but I have owned Dell’s and HP’s, and I will tell you, you get what you pay for. If you use your laptop for a minimum of a couple of hours a day, I suspect it is worth a pair hundred extra to get a really high quality product that makes you satisfied, and that is why I upgraded to the MBP.

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