Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL Plus Review

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It is hard to find anybody who doesn’t admire the uni-body casing of aluminum. Then there are multi-task gestures, Mac OS and overall design that is impressive. The Apple MacBook Pro MB990LL is a beautifully designed laptop. However, this stylish appearance is not enough to convince all consumers. There are those who point out it is possible to get more for less money.

The glossy surface on this laptop gets mixed reviews since some thought it was superb in the right lighting conditions and others thought it created glare and reflections in certain types of lighting conditions. The facts that there is no number pad on the normal-sized keyboard and that the battery is not meant to be removable are specs that were bothersome, in certain cases.

The Mac OS is superior to the OS on other laptops- that is not a disputed fact. The multi-tasking presentation is what makes the Mac OS preferred. Many consumers are pleased that Apple has made improvements over the first 13″ aluminum MacBook they launched. The reduced selling price is another thing that consumers are happy about, reducing the price by an impressive $100.

The battery life on the MacBook Pro is definitely an upgrade. However, a consumer did notice he got six hours from the battery rather than the seven he expected. The MacBook Pro’s battery is not easy to take out. The power cord is noticeably short and this means you have to be seated near to an outlet. It is felt the SD card should not stick out as it does.

There were high expectations for this laptop and consumers who are disappointed feel it doesn’t quite live up to the original hype surrounding the launch of the MacBook Pro. Unrealistically high expectations could be partially to blame, but some also criticized the cursor control, which was difficult to maneuver and the fact that dialog books were too many.

The uni-body enclosure is something that all consumers seem to agree is impressive since multiple parts are used to construct other notebooks. Because of the MacBook Pro’s single part construction, consumers consider it to be completely unique and the first of its kind. The uni-body, one piece of aluminum body is fully integrated with the keyboard during the manufacturing process.

Finally, we are left with an enclosure that is unbelievably thin and lightweight. It’s preloaded with Apple Mac’s Leopard OS. iTunes, iLife 09, Garageband, iPhoto and iMovie are already there. The Apple MacBook Pro is durable enough to be utilized inside or outside. You can carry an Apple MacBook Pro anywhere.

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