Apple iPhone – A Multitasking Mobile Phone

Apple has led the way with innovations in the cyber industry with personal computers, award winning laptops, OS X operating system, and iLife and professional applications and the much sought after ipod. The company has now once again come up with another trend setting innovation in the mobile field- The iphone. Introduced in the market from June 2007 it ha s caught the imagination of many people. This path breaking revolutionary phone has an edge above all the other phone available in the market today. It combines three products into one light weight device that is the mobile phone, a wide screen ipod and an advance internet communication device. It is quite different from the routine mobile phone as it has a totally touch screen interface. The Apple Ceo calls it a magical product that is five years ahead of it time.

Touch screen

It has just one push button. It has a large multi touch display which is based on a path breaking technology that recognizes the human touch. With just a tap of the finger on the number or name you can make a call. IPhone syncs all of your contacts from your PC; Mac® or Internet service such as Yahoo!, This phone does not use a plastic stylus as in other touch screen phones.


It is first in the industry to introduce visual voice mail which allows random access to the message required like in the email. A full QWERTY soft keyboard enables the user to key in messages easily as it is predictive to prevent and correct mistakes.


The phone comes with a 2 mega pixel camera with a photo management system but surprisingly it does not have a zoom facility nor can it shoot video. With just a flick of a finger the photo library can be browsed to choose a photo for their wallpaper or to include in an email.

Wi-fi wireless

The phone has quad-band GSM with added feature of EDGE and Wi-fi wireless technology. Thus it can be used around the world.


The most stunning feature of the phone is its widescreen. It has a 3.5 inch display feature with 320 by 480 resolutions at 160 ppi giving an out of world experience in watching movie on the pocket able device. It has touch controls for play-pause, chapter forward-backward and volume.

It features rich HTML email client with imap and POP3 service. It also has the most advanced web browser called the safari.

Advanced sensors

The phone has inbuilt sensors to enhance the experience and extend battery life. It sports a li-on rechargeable battery which has an average talk time of 8 hours. There is also a 250 hour standby time for the battery.

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