Apple Iphone 3G

The good

Apple iPhone 3G has a range of critically new features which includes

1. the support it provides for 3G networks of high speed,
2. support for any applications provided by third-party and
3. support for expanded e-mail.

The call quality of the Apple iPhone 3G has improved. The quality of video and music that is delivered by the Apple iPhone 3G is also of an excellent range.

The bad

Apple iPhone 3G still lacks some of the very basic features that can be availed on the simplest of the simplest of the cell phones. The life of the battery is very uneven. The 3G connection provided by the Apple iPhone is also very shaky. The synchronising of the email has lots of faults associated with it.

The final line

Apple iPhone 3G has managed to keep up its promises. The promises include addition of certain critical features as well as providing a sharper quality of the calls. The 3G support which it provides is really welcomed by the users. Also the iPhone’s iTunes App Store is pretty much amazing.

Even with these, certain critical features are missing from the iPhone still. The battery gets depleted at a very fast rate if the phone is under heavy use. But the improvement of the phone over its older version is really appreciable.

The new features

The iPhone 3G has all the features of the original iPhone. But there are a few new features in the iPhone 3G. The first generation iPhone users are lucky because almost all of the new features which has been incorporated into the Apple iPhone 3G can be obtained as impressive additions in the form of free software update, version 2.0. You can get support for 3G and enhance GPS. The other new features are organising features, the YouTube application, notepad, visual voicemail, widgets on stock as well as weather and the threaded texting.

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