Apple iPad – Apple's Next Big Hit?

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There has been a lot of speculation about the new release of the Apple iPad. Many consumers are very exited for it to hit the US market in the next couple months, but some investors are not so sure what the excitation is all about. There seems to be a lot of mixed emotions about the most recent release by Apple, the iPad.

No matter if you think that the iPad is the best thing since since sliced ​​bread or if you think it is a lost cause, it will be released in the next few months. I think that the media has overplayed the negative vibe that Adobe has given to the Apple iPad, after all this may be the first successful release of a tablet pc ever. For some reason tablet pc's have had a hard time taking off and the familiar interface that the iPad offers consumers may make all the difference in the world.

There seems to a great buzz surrounding the iPad and this will be sure to give it a great deal of exposure and assurance a big release day. Another thing the iPad has going for it is the very reasonable base model price. Apple says that the base model iPad will start at $ 499 which is one of the lowest prices that consumers have seen from Apple in some time.

The Apple iPad Release is getting some major tech buzz and I think that there is good reason. This is one of the most innovative releases in a long time. There are many high hopes for the success of this device and hopefully it will spawn many others like it.

Looking forward, I for one am very pumped about this release and being an iPhone lover, think that a over sized iPhone is a great idea. The small bugs and quirks can all be worked out between now and the soft release date 2 moths from now. So I for one will be counting down the days, until I can get my hand on the Apple iPad and check it out for myself!

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