Apple Engineer Talks About New 2016 Macbook Pro

Disclaimer: I don’t hate Apple – I actually made this video on my pre-2016 Macbook. In my view it was a mistake to go USB-C only.
Tim Cook – Let’s have a beer and discuss!

43 thoughts on “Apple Engineer Talks About New 2016 Macbook Pro

  1. i knew it. after 50 videos on youtube i am convinced now that Apple is a set company with shit product, no invocation, they stole everything from Samsung, Google, Microsoft, the real innovators. Mac Pro is ht, and phones are shitter, there is nothing good about them.

  2. This guy is full of shit. How do we know he's telling you the truth and not making shit up? Also, how do we know he's working for apple and not the completion? Even is laugh is fucking annoying.

  3. They should call it Macbook rook-i now! No simple SD slot, but still a stellar price. What an epic fail! Uhh.. someone could use a fast SD card as extra memory and not buy an Apple upgrade or a new one if more space is needed. Apple keeps spinning in its own universe, why not deliver each new product with a nice f*ck you note?

  4. My company has switched back to Windows year ago, I would never ever believe two years ago we're going to switch back to Windows, right now I super happy and life came back, no more slow apple machines, thank you Tim Cock

  5. soon, after reducing more and more things, so many features and things will be stripped away, and they will try to sell you literally nothing. They will sell empty space for thousands of dollars and people will buy it

  6. The Keyboard Dongle was the best. The next Macbook it is going to be a dongle where you connect the screen, the trackpad, the keyboard, the i5, the MTB..

  7. to all haters
    1) why the fck would you change the name phone to sheep why not change sung to suck
    2) this is not done for profit reasons there are many others such as a simpler design and making the device thinner i agree they should have introduced lightning to the device or included a dongle and a Lightning to USB C charging cable but even companies like samsung sell things as an accessory which are deemed useful by most people who own that device
    3) The iPhone 7 beats the note 7 in all aspects besides OLED panels and terrorists number 1 phone well the google pixel uses pretty much the same hardware as the note 7 but without water resistance
    4) Apple has something big planned for the future anyway they are all for a wireless future they will introduce wireless charging which apparently has been worked on since before it became a standard on android. they would rather sell the final product rather than something which keeps on failing
    5) they are introducing Micro LED displays which they have worked on too for a while why release an unfinished product they had retina now they have Micro LED and retina when it was new was the best smartphone display ever

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