Android Tablets Vs Apple iPad: The War

The manufacturing of the iPad and iPhone by the Apple Company has begun a new competitive environment for other companies that manufacture such devices. Apple has got so much fame due to its iPhone and iPad and that is why the other companies are trying to achieve such fame by introducing their devices in the market. Google is one of the top-notch companies that are trying to manufacture a device which can compete with Apple’s iPad. It is going to be a challenging atmosphere for other companies as well. There has to be a computing device that can work better or equal to the Apple’s one but the main thing is to manufacture a device that differs to Apple’s iPad in terms of look, functionality and other features. If such a device is manufactured by any company and it can catch up the attention of most of the people then this would be a remarkable achievement. Google is trying to achieve the same objective in current scenario.

It is a real fact that Apple’s iPad is not going to stand on top as compared to other devices but it will not stand for too long as most of the companies are coming up with their manufactured devices. However this year is going to be an amazing year so far for Apple because of its launching of iPad and iPhone. Google is working on its upcoming Android tablet that would outrun Apple’s iPad. If you just go into the detail of this battle between Apple and Google then you would come to know that the comparison of Google Android with Apple’s iPad or iPad is not justifying because these are not phones. If you just compare Android with Apple iPhone then this would also be not justifying. The reason is that the competition between Apple and Google is not over phones, it is the battle of software platform. Now a question would arise in your mind that who would win this software platform war? The answer is very much clear as the one that will come up with such device which will contain most powerful ecosystem of developers, users and mobile devices will surely win this battle.

Google android is also enjoying an impressive year so far along with Apple because the Android is intensively used by the customers. Google reported that its Android App store had got around 75,000 offerings and later on the demand rapidly rose up. The sale of Android phones is twenty percent more than that of Apple’s iPhone 4 sales. The Android was not so much popular a year ago and it seemed that Android would not make it up to the level of Apple iPhone but now it is competing well. If we just sum up the overall value and reaction of people towards Android and iPhone then it would clearly justify that Android is going to be more popular than iPhone. If Google comes up with its custom-Android tablet then this would benefit Google itself because the rage for getting Android is rising as compared to iPhone.

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