Top 25 PlayStation 4 Games

From Bloodborne to The Witness are the best PS4 games three years into the life of the console.

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31 thoughts on “Top 25 PlayStation 4 Games

  1. How is Shadow of Mordor #13 but Batman Arkham Knight didn't make the list it stole it's combat system, I'm sorry but Arkham Knight is so underrated, the use of the batmobile didn't even bother me yah there could've been less but still doesn't bother me to the point where I say the game isn't good because of that reason only.

  2. Marty is eating a mars bar making this video, hence his voice sounding so dry and ridiculous. The man is the biggest twat on earth.

  3. What? Most of these are multiplatform games. How is that a "PS4 Game"?

    These lists should be exclusives mostly.

  4. I can play most of this on pc =p. I do own a ps4 and it does have a lot of good games, but this list should have more exclusives.

  5. I was wondering why you didn't have The Witcher 3, it really does deserve to be at the top slot. I never tried it on ps4 though, just PC ultra 1440p.

  6. i spent over 5 hours during the FIRST PART of bloodbourne, wish i enjoyed it better, so screw dark souls 3, same for witcher 3, the combat was just all over the place, and i think i ruined the witness with walkthroughs since i didn't understand anything

  7. the only thing stopping me from buying witcher 3 is that I don't know if i need to have played 1/2 to be able to know whats going on in 3. A lot of games that are continuations or sequels of previous titles now a days require you to have played the previous versions because the story lines interconnect.

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