Tips for Taking Alphabet Photography Pictures

Alphabet photography is a new and very interesting way of seeing the world through pictures.  Basically, an alphabet photograph is a picture of an ordinary item or bit of architecture that looks like a letter.  Usually used to spell out words, phrases, or names, alphabet photography is a unique and special gift or décor for your home.

“Cities provide us with a wonderful resource in juxtaposed objects. Magnificently textured drain covers from a different era next to a modern paving and street markings, an ultra-modern skyscraper freshly sculpted out of the earth, yet forever posed against the immortal sky… they’re all there for the taking.”  The countryside has a different sort of beauty.  Rolling hills, endless fences, green lush plants, old farmhouses; the possibilities for alphabet photography are just as numerous with a little imagination.

Seeing the letter in the object is the key.  Practice makes perfect in this case, so grab your camera and spend an afternoon looking for letters where ever you happen to live.  Look for “juxtapositions, to fashion shapes that have meaning to us in language, out of shapes (objects) that are intended for other purposes.”  The goal is to recreate your own alphabet using the pictures that you take.  Objects and architecture both inside and outside are full of possibilities.  If you need ideas, there are several websites online that have examples.

Try and focus on the “lines, outlines, textures, parts of objects, and techniques such as depth of field to take shapes that are not quite what you want, and reshape them into the English alphabet…Wouldn’t pictures from their environment make a photo alphabet book even more special?”  Bill Blass said, “Style is primarily a matter of instinct.” Decorating takes on a new meaning for each individual. Different tastes in decor mean different furniture, artwork and color palettes.  Photography is no different.  Your pictures should be as unique as you are, and alphabet photography is a great way to showcase your personality and unique self.

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