The First 15 Minutes of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood on Xbox One


We play through the opening moments of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood from The Ezio Collection

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  1. So… Multiplayer matches will come back? Cuz Unity mp is shitty… MP from Brotherhood, Revelations and 3 was one of the most enjoyable mp I've ever seen, now pc servers are dead.

  2. It's sad to look at the COD 4 remaster then to look at this. I was really hoping they would actually make this game look much better.

  3. "We play through the opening moments of Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood from The Ezio Collection

    The First 20 Minutes of Assassin's Creed 2 on Xbox One"

  4. ezio sin duda uno de los asesinos mas memorables
    los únicos que no he jugado son
    las crónicas russia e india
    assassins creed 1 el 3 liberation freedom cry y el rogue
    el crónicas china unity y el syndicate los tengo pero no he tenido tiempo de jugarlos
    recuerdo que el primer assassins creed que jugué fue en el iPod

  5. You can tell that there was some minor improvements with lighting and there are definitely better graphics, but if they remastered it to look like Assassins Creed Unity or Syndicate, then you'd be able to tell that they wanted to show appreciation to there fans

  6. the best deal i had was all assasins creed games for just 23 for ps3( gamestop guy did a mistake and gave me assasins creed 3 new)

  7. Brotherhood is my favourite AC of all time. I know people consider AC II was the hit, but in this, they just added what's missing in the previous and ignore what's not necessary.

  8. TBH I hate when you have to play Desmond. If they took Removed Desmond from all the games, these games would be so much better and wouldn't have to get disrupted cause of a ugly looking person

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