Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) unboxing, setup & system config video

The Sony PlayStation 4 video game console released on November 15, 2013, in the USA. Gamebits editor Ken Gagne offers this video of the unboxing and initial setup, looking at the controller and hardware, downloading the day-one patch to update the OS to v1.50, setting up a PlayStation Network (PSN) account, and looking at the Playroom demo, which requires the PlayStation Eye camera.

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0:39 — 6:50: Unboxing
6:51 — 10:49: Power up!
10:50 — 14:39: System update
14:40 — 18:46: PSN
18:47 — 31:11: System tour
31:12 — 35:55: Playroom


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23 thoughts on “Sony PlayStation 4 (PS4) unboxing, setup & system config video

  1. Which one should i buy game bits xbox1 or ps4, honestly i saw ur vidsof unboxing xbox1 and im shifting to next gen from xbox360 on gta5. I heared that i can transfer gta progress from xbox to ps4, but still whats ur opinion, i never played on ps3 or ps4 before

  2. hey gambits why don't u unbox ps4 slim and pro and Xbox one s and try to get subscribers over 100 k so u can get a silver play button

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