Second Life: Ima Goin to the Courts

The wild fire of Second life continues to amazes me. Everybody is jumping in and everyday anther international corporation is joining. Even my boss would like to see me inside this virtual life whoring arena…

I’m not doing it, I refuse, you can not make me have a third life with Second Life.

Actually, my boss could drag me into it rather I liked it or not. However, I got him where it hurts. I told him the only way I would allow part of my real life to be vampirically sucked by virtual cats, foxes and other members of the virtual race would be if he bought me the second computer or laptop with all the bells, bows and whistles. He hasn’t brought up the subject again…yet.

So who is the newest Second Life Vampire?

The National Basketball Association… Now, you too can pretend you’re a big bad sexy cat basketball playing mutha! Match sure your tail stays in bounds, I believe that’s still considered a foul.

Here’s the ironic tid bit of news…

After signing a deal with Google to host its highlights on YouTube, the NBA enlisted the services of virtual-world content creator Electric Sheep to build an NBA headquarters in Second Life. According to a NBC Representative it’s cool and hip interactive. Can I hear a YO!

Does anyone else find the humor that a company called Electric Sheep is the favored creator for virtual worlds?

It gets better. The NBA ‘playground’ has games and features “designed to bring people back.” The grounds includes a 3-D simulation of NBA games where users can sit in the stands and are able to change their viewpoint with ease. But to really sweeten the deal after the big boys are done playing, us mere virtual fan boys / girls can take to the courts to play a game of H.O.R.S.E. Yippee! I can play sports in a virtual world instead of going to the courts to play it for realz.

It’s no surprise that Second Life’s Linden Labs is overflowing in enthusiasm for their newest citizens. NBA fans will be able to join SL from the NBA web site and start playing H.O.R.S.E.

For what I can only guess is an attempt at realism of the courts, the virtual playground is sponsored by T-Mobile, Toyota and Cisco Systems. I can understand the T-Mobile and Cisco Systems sponsorship, but Toyota?

“Yo, dude stop trying to crack in on my H.O.R.S.E playing time… I’m on R muthafucker!’

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