PlayStation VR + Xbox One = Will It Work?

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I wanted to see how the PlayStation VR headset would react to various video sources including the Xbox One. Turns out that it works… Sort of. The PlayStation VR headset will display an HD video source in a cinema style mode. Of course it won’t be a proper VR experience, it’s more like sitting in front of a large display. This might be useful to people that are tight for space and want to use the PlayStation VR headset as their main display for various sources.

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30 thoughts on “PlayStation VR + Xbox One = Will It Work?

  1. GIVE ME TWO ENVIRONMENT THAT PEOPLE HAVE A FREAKIN XBOX AND A PS4 PLUS THE VR PS4 HEAD SET THATS JUST BULL SHIT MAN IM NOT GONNA PAY 1000 dollars so i can just have fun with a VR on XBOX I rather wait a year or so till XBOX VR comes out.

  2. Have Playstation components in Iraq with Xbox?
    Maybe you're in a small space, you're in a dorm room, you're in a small cave or somethin

  3. I actually got it to work with the WiiU using the same method.Given that there are a whole lot of games that use the gamepad screen I don't think you'd find any use out of it.

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