PlayStation 4 Pro Review

How does Sony’s mid-cycle hardware upgrade build upon the success of the PlayStation 4? Check out our full review and see!

PS4 Pro Unboxing

Rise of the Tomb Raider: 20 Year Celebration Official PS4 Pro Tech Video

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35 thoughts on “PlayStation 4 Pro Review

  1. I'm probably gonna get this down the road, because I'd love to see my PS exclusives look beautiful like Infamous, Last of Us, Uncharted.

  2. okay i have a BIG question and maybe someone can help me with it. So i got a new playstation pro about 2 days ago.. i have a 4K TV. When i put my Playstation pro on for the first time it updated to 40.5 update.. now when that happened i don't know if it was the update but the system doesn't read it has a 4K TV. and my xbox one s reads it as a 4K TV.

  3. If i dont have any console and I dont have 4k tv should i buy the ps4 pro? or take the slim with more games. Other question is ps4 pro run 1080p with 60fps(my tv can run only 1080p)?

  4. you cant review this when there is really not much support for it you need to wait till next year when they start to release games that are for the pro then we can see what its really made of

  5. lol my gtx 980m lappy comes with a built in screen and is more compact and is still twice as powerful…lolzz….ps4 pro is sony milking an empty cow.

  6. Hmm…I was debating on whether or not to get the pro later down the line when i get a 4K tv. But since i already have a regular PS4 and a gaming pc, I'm not sure if it'll be worth it. Especially since i planned on getting a 4K monitor for my pc first (my current set up has my pc and tv on opposite sides of the room so i can't use one screen for both) since that has priority. Plus the lack of 4K bluray support kinda kills it for me.

  7. I have a question (Probably a stupid one) this is just an upgrade, and if one of my friends gets the PS4 Pro, I'll still be able to connect with him in the same way on my PS4? (Basically Link accounts, or does this classify as a different console)

  8. people complain eather for not having 4k tv or still have the launch version. Cant wait to hear xboxers complain about the scorpio price a year from now lol. people never happy

  9. In 2013, PS4 was released. In 2016, PS4 WITHOUT 4k blu-ray player built-in is released. So, I call it the upgraded PS4 because it's NOT PS5 with 4k blu-ray player built-in will be released in the futture.

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