Nexus 6P vs Moto X Pure Edition

If your budget for an unlocked Android smartphone is between $400 and $500, the new Nexus and the new Moto X are both excellent choices. But what if you only want to buy one of them? Join us as we walk you through one of the closest comparisons in Pocketnow history: Google Nexus 6P vs Moto X Pure Edition!

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20 thoughts on “Nexus 6P vs Moto X Pure Edition

  1. Is there anything like Moto assist on other phones? Is there an app that can do the same thing? I'm physically disabled and they hands-free experience with Moto phones has been essential for me. But I feel like I'm locked to a specific brand. I'm aware Google now is basically on every android phone but it does not work when in standby mode. Whereas the Moto phones allow you to use Google now from across the room even in standby mode. So my question is, does only Moto have this useful feature or is there an app in the Google play store that will allow me to do the same thing on other phones?

  2. I have the Moto x an I don't like it at all an I have had the Nexus 6p no comparison the n6p way better all around phone only thing was no expandable memory but this moto x I only had it couple of days an can't stand it so selling it this week

  3. My friend has a moto g and I'm not a fan of the Motorola shape at all. I have two phones right now that fit my needs, an iPhone 5s mostly for imessage and because of its extremely practically size to carry in my pocket, and a Nexus 5x (the mint one I live this color) because ai wanted to experience the amazing NEXUS everyone werw talking about, and I have to say it not only met my expectations but surpassed it and I'm still excited about it after months of buying it. Nexus is fluid and fast, bloat free and always updated. Now I'm planning to buy yet another phone, which will be either a Sony, which has the best cameras in my opinion, or a Nokia! The windows phone Nokias had some of the best features on a phone to me (like the amazing camera) and I'm a fan of Nokia in general, so I'm excited for the first Android devices they're bringing soon!

  4. I love my Moto X Style (or pure as they say in the USA) it's the screen….I have a 6P too and the screen and sound of the Moto buries it…camera..yeah…not as good…but not a deal breaker for me #peace

  5. How bad is the texting and performance lag with the moto X? I'm trying to choose between both these phones and can't make a decision

  6. Get the moto X pure edition now… I've had the phone for two months it's amazing. And it's only $250 for the 32 gigabyte model. A steal

  7. Please tell me which one is worth the price or any other option which gives haves more advantages than it should give for the price

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