Motorola Moto X: Unboxing & Review

My detailed look at the Moto X, one of my favorite phones of 2013.

CPU: 1.7Ghz Dual Core S4 Pro
Display: 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches (~312 ppi pixel density) AMOLED
Camera: 10MP & 2MP 1080 @ 30fps with Stereo Sound
Battery: 2200mAh
WiFi: 802.11ac Dual Band

Full Specs:

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40 thoughts on “Motorola Moto X: Unboxing & Review

  1. Just got this phone and already I'm finding it a better experience than my last phone (iphone 3gs). Admittedly I'm not a techie or power user, but so far, so good. 

  2. The moto X was not designed like others. It was all about a decent phone with excellent performance over countless meaningless sub standard features. 

    Coming to the processor. Yes it has a Dual core processor but that's not where the story ends. 
    1 It has a 2 core Snapdragon S4 CPU for general usage of the phone
    2 It has a 4 core Adreno 320 GPU for performance gaming etc
    3 It has 1 core For dedicated contextual computing and gesture recognition making it more fluid
    4 It has 1 core especially for natural language processing making it more likely to understand any form of speech input

    That's a total of 8 cores all managed by Motorola X8 computing system. A dedicated core for each of the specific function means an enhanced battery life and optimization of usage. So in reality it's Octa-Core but since you don't need all of them running together at all times their functions have been segregated. 

    Another complaint made by people is about Active display. Yes you can grab an app for that but here's what you should know. Moto X uses AMOLED display which unlike IPS display does not use the entire screen while using active display. So if you use active display on IPS LCD it will drain your battery. On Moto X it only uses the part that's enough for showing notifications and thus you won't be running to charge it every few hours.
    In my opinion Motorola is giving a phone that boasts of performance and near Vanilla Android experience instead of adding stuff that doesn't matter. Also 720p was deliberate to further enhance performance and improve battery life and you'll hardly notice any difference.

  3. Why didnt motorola advertise the features and moto maker i just figured out about the majority of these features and am totaly on board

  4. This is a great phone. And extremely easy to use, which is designed for usability, and performance. Battery life is pretty good. The active display feature is brilliant. And it is very well designed and built. It is the perfect size for one handed operation. The only weak spot is the camera, which is basically pretty mediocre. But, if you need better quality photos, then you should be using a real camera anyway.

    Google has a real hit here. What a shame that Google is selling Motorola off, because Google really is the best company to build Android phones, since they developed. understand, and can utilize that OS best.

    Only wait for the X+1 if you must have a slightly larger display, but it will cost you $199 rather than being free, and will make one handed operation much more difficult.

  5. hey thanks for this review. When sending text's my smiley faces do not show up on the other persons phone even those with the same phone. Can you help me?

  6. Why does every smart phone's design today revolve around Apple's iphone? It is really obvious how all other phone companies adopted Apple's clean sleek design, all from the box the phone comes in to the design of the gadgets itself. I find it quite appealing how all phones today have a; home button, increase/decrease vol. button and a lock screen button just like the iphone, not to mention all the similar functions from voice command all to the applications. Jobs was right, the iphone really did change the way phones work

  7. Can't wait for mine to come in! Then I can get rid of this flip phone. I hope it doesn't crash in the apps like apple does on my iPod. 

  8. i absolutely loved this phone, i upgraded to this from a samsung galaxy s3 and i liked it better actually, i especially like the matte feel to it. 

  9. Congratulations on producing a very high quality unboxing and review! 
    Informative, it didn't bore me, and you've just got a great voice for this kind of thing. 
    Keep it up man!

  10. Your review says the Moto X is US made…. wrong!!! I just bought one and it's being shipped to me from Hong Kong!!!

  11. Does this phone tend to freeze a lot? I'm a little hesitant on getting this phone cause it has on screen buttons

  12. PERFECT SIZED phone. There needs to be a 2016 version of this. But noooo everything has to be huuuuge…:/
    As soon as I get the funds I may buy one of these of Ebay.

  13. My mom's phone fell down the concrete steps on my porch, and it had no cracks. AND it didn't break. So it's pretty durable.

  14. I've had this phone since release and it's okay, I just hate the fact that you can't send videos in messages which is a very big deal to me.

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