Motorola Cell Phones: The New Roi, Bringing Hd To Smartphones

Motorola Cell Phones has just released a new breed of smartphones that will undoubtedly change the landscape of smartphones, at least to some degree, and definitely get other companies thinking about following suite.

The new mobile phone by Motorola is called the Motorola Roi. So why is so different from other smart phones? For starters, this Android powered device has an 8 megapixel camera, as well as a video camera that captures HD videos, all at 720p resolution. And these videos can be seen watched on any HD TV thanks to the built-in HDMI port. Clearly, these are features that separate the Roi from other smartphones on the market today.

But the New Motorola Cell Phone also has many features that are now taken for granted or considered standard. These include a 3.7 inch touch screen with a variety of ways to enter text (this is also unique feature of the Roi). Users may use the Full QWERTY keyboard offered, a 3×45 keypad, A half QWERTY keyboard, a writing pad or even his or her own handwriting.

For now, North Americans must wait to get hands on this powerful handheld device. It is currently out in Korea, but cheer up North America, we can expect it as soon as March!

The release of the Roi comes after Apple and Blackberry Cell Phones, and most recently, Google, had shaken up the cell phone industry with must-have smart phones. Motorola Cell Phones goal is to keep with Android platform, and with the Roi’s current feature set, it is evident they should be right back in the mix with the other big names once again. What a device and what an era for technology. It seems as soon as one impressive piece of technology comes out another has already surpassed it.

It is impossible to know how well the Motorola Roi will do in the United States, especially without a price with which to compare it to the competition. But on paper it certainly has the makings of a wonderful device. And if nothing else, it seems fair to believe that it will shake up the top-tier of devices out there, something that continues to happen. Either way, Motorola cell phones has restructured their business plan towards what is popular and in demand right now. This is an inevitable fact in all businesses but in particular a business that deals with the cutting edge.

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