How to Make a Dumb House Smart

Intimidated by building a smart home setup? With so many smart devices, it can be a bit overwhelming, but a smart home isn’t out of your reach.

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34 thoughts on “How to Make a Dumb House Smart

  1. The Luna is a very bad idea. Sleeping means that your body is supposed to cool. Being cool ( but not cold… There is a HUGE difference) ensures that you sleep the way you are supposed to.

    Figures that you would support crappy Android though. You didn't even mention the far superior HomeKit options.

  2. Cloud reliant devices = when the device becomes End Of Life, or if the company goes out of business, then suddenly those devices become paperweights. A smart home is good to have, but make sure you are not getting devices which do not offer local access (not requiring you to create an account for cloud access).

  3. I like the whole idea and all, but I'd prefer a small beach house, you know those ones kinda hidden away in bushes, but really cute… I'd honestly prefer one of those in than a smart villa…

  4. The issue with alot of this smart home is security, alot of them are only protected by a simple password. I am not talking about running your coffee maker or making it cold in your house, I am talking about finding your home's location and being able to unlock the doors.

  5. "But if you want to have some conversations between the devices in your home locally you're gonna need a different technology, because wifi needs to go to the internet and then back down"

    That's not how it works.. That's just completely wrong.

  6. Actually I really like those kind of things because it's interesting to see how the technology changes, in these days, I really hope that one day in the future more houses will be equipped with these technologies, I'd live to have a house like in the video now, it's so cool ahaha

  7. The Clapper product is the main smart home industry's competitor. It doesn't have a planned obsolescence problem and usually work properly and on time. Also doesn't require software upgrades.

  8. So what smarthub would you recommend then? I'm really thinking about getting wink.
    I just got netgear arlo cameras but may think about getting nest dropcams as they work with wink and then have integration with nest thermostat.

    Still so new to everything. I got the ring doorbell and love it! For me, wireless is the way to go as I have an old house and cant really run wires in an attic. Love to hear more about smart house things from you and different ideas

  9. Really into home automation, although I think the UK is lagging behind a bit. I've currently got nest 3rd generation thermostat, nest protects, sonos and hue lighting throughout my place. All linked up thorough smart things. Motion sensors used to trigged lightning and smart outlets. Having lots of fun so far!

  10. What we need are entire Smart Cities fully automated to provide it's resident the necessities of life for free, & in so doing remove the incentive for crime & corruption. We have the science & technology that would render our current atrociously inefficient adhoc cities of today obsolete…..

  11. I am looking for a smart door lock… i forget my keys all the time! can you make a video of the best smart locks available.

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