Google Places – Tips on Optimizing the Additional Information Section

Can you list the attributes of your company? If not, may I suggest you sell or close and do something you have a passion for? Sorry to be so tough, but it never ceases to amaze me when new clients come on board and I check out their Google Places listing to fine NO ATTRIBUTES.

Google allows almost unlimited space to talk about what makes you so special. You can list brands, policies, locations served, types of clients, categories within your business, certificates, specialties, menu items, amenities, distances from land marks, famous clients, product benefits, and so much more.

Google Places has set this section up a bit weird in my opinion. You have two sides that creates something like a data base. On one side you list the general category and on the other side the attributes. They offer such suggestions as Parking on the left with free or street or metered as choices for the right.

I would be more inclined to have something like Located close to: on the left and bus transportation, bicycle friendly streets, San Francisco International Airport, the 10 and the 405 Fwys, other entertainment venues, etc. on the right. Or Major brands carried: on the left and a listing of those brands on the right.

New to this section is the ability to add links. You place the type of link on the left and the full URL address on the right. This could be your Facebook fan page, Twitter page, blog, or an inside page of your website with a promotion or specific product you want to point towards. Lots of possibilities

There is no clear cut evidence that attributes help outside of the listing. However, information is key with Google, so it has to be a benefit on the listing. Moreover, it clearly has to be helpful in giving potential clients the info they need to decide to use you.

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