Facebook Fan Page

Social media is continually expanding and internet marketing is being defined as never before. The leading social network Facebook is home to over 350,000 applications with a user base of 300 million. The platform encourages people to connect, share and socialize.
Facebook has many features which make it distinct from its competitors. One such feature is the Facebook  Fan Page. A fan page is a tool by which you can expand your social network, interact with your clients and customers and promote your company.
Fan pages are accessible even to users who are unregistered meaning that fan pages are public (viewable to all). This is very good for marketers who want to promote their company or want to manage its reputation because these pages can be (and often are) indexed by Google.

A Facebook Fan Page can easily be termed as your one page website. Within a fan page you can easily integrate videos, share pictures, create events, start discussion posts, send simultaneous messages to all, run social ads and even view your page statistics!
Facebook fan pages are a great way of interacting with your fans and clients. All top companies have a fan page on Facebook. From food industry to entertainment industry, everyone is taking advantage of the Facebook Fan Pages. The top pages have millions of followers. Marketing strategist say that Facebook Fan Pages are vital for any organization that wants to enhance their online presence.
Facebook Fan Page is an essential ingredient in your social marketing recipe. If your company does not have a Facebook Fan Page, you are surely missing the trick.

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