The Working Principle Of The Tv Mobile Phone


TV mobile phone, simply speaking, is the phone which supports watching TV. There are many TV mobile phones available on the market including the Samsung I8180C and many Nokia mobiles.

In current time, you can watch TV on mobile in three ways. Firstly, it can be realized by the mobile internet. Many communication operators have launched the mobile TV business. The analog TV signal can be the second choice.

Thirdly, the mobile can receive the digital TV signal directly if it comes with the digital TV receiver. The first one is based on the communication operators while the latter ones are based on the radio and TV industry.

The operating principle of the TV mobile is very simple. It’s just a mobile which acts as the TV receiver. If you have ever read the TV working principle, you know that the TV signal is the wireless signal and the mobile was always receiving the wireless signals.

The TV mobile should not only receive the audio wireless signals, but also the TV frequency wireless signals. Just like the TV, TV mobile is able to pick up the audio and video from the signals and then turn them into TV program which can be watched on the screen.

High technology makes the TV mobile phone become the realistic luxury. High speed 3G internet provides us with 144Kbps to 2Mbps data transmission speed. If you have the phone, you can get started to order TV service plan such as the MobiTV, Sprint TV or SmartVideo.

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