The Top Interactive Whiteboard Teaching Resources


Engaging primary school pupils in a subject can, at times, be difficult; especially if the subject matter isn’t always the most visual and stimulating. Now, with the help of an interactive whiteboard, even the driest of classroom subjects can be enhanced digitally and interactively through games, activities, real-life examples and more. Here are the best ready-to-download whiteboard resources for primary schools.

Created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics, the Illuminations software package for interactive whiteboards has more than 100 different games and activities to help teach pupils maths at all grades. When it comes to subjects like maths, visual games can really help add impact to a lesson.

For learning sign language or for use in a deaf school is Signed Stories. This resource features audio videos of stories being told through sign language and even has optional subtitles. An interactive whiteboard is very useful for the more niche and specific learning tools like this.

Commissioned by the United Nations World Food Program, FreeRice is a trivia game that actually rewards pupil whenever they get a question right. In an innovative step forward in the use of interactive whiteboards, the United Nations donate rice to third world countries every time a pupil gets a question right.

Spelling can come alive on-screen with an online resource like Spelling City. With more than 10 games to help pupils learn, Spelling City covers around 40,000 words and the website even has tutorials for teachers on the best way to incorporate the resource into the classroom.

Transform Your Handwriting is a resource which, by using the interactive whiteboards SMART recorder tool, allows pupils to project their handwriting up onto the wall and video their hands whilst they write. This can then be played back in a loop so that they can see exactly how they are writing, and perhaps where they might be going wrong.

From the award-winning NASA website comes NASA Space Place. This site is full of videos and games and activities all related to space, space travel and technology, and has been designed to work well with an interactive whiteboard. Similarly, Stellarium is a free software resource that is ideal for teaching pupils about astronomy, as it includes many 3D illustrations of planets, stars and constellations to explore.

To learn about animals and the environment, a resource like The Eco Zoo can be very useful. Themed around ecology and eco-friendly living, the software has many trivia sections and examples of what to look out for in the wild and activities to try out in class too. Likewise a website like Google Earth or Google Maps can be an invaluable free resource for teaching many subjects, like geography and history.

These are just handful of the many free teacher resources that can be downloaded to use on an interactive whiteboard and make primary school teaching a far more creative and hands-on classroom environment.

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