The Quantum American with Thomas Walker Lynch


Thomas Walker Lynch on Quantum Theory and What it Means to be an American

I spoke earlier with Thomas Walker Lynch, author of ITIO Child, Mystic Passage, and many other publications on quantum mechanics and what it means to be an American. Apparently, there’s much more to this than them thar’ textbooks made it out to be! This hopefully will be the first of many interviews as I pick his genius brain on a whole host of topics. Oh, and did I mention he’s the guy with the original idea of Google Circles (which they totally took and made a mess of)?

Here’s the totally profesh Bio:

Mr. Lynch studied neural networks, AI, and high performance numerical computing at University of Texas at Austin as part of an MSEE. He spent over a decade designing microprocessor hardware and related software tools. He founded a design house and delivered software tools, hardware designs, and intellectual property. He participated in a number of startups in Austin Texas and in Silicon Valley. His IP portfolio contributes to two factor authentication, digital rights management, and social media. It appears on Google Circles and in Microsoft Edge.

Mr. Lynch helped assemble and managed the first floating-point design group at AMD, was sole proprietor of Tempered Hardware and Software, and founder of Reasoning Technology. He authored “It Takes a Frontier Mentality”, Amazon Kindle, and other seemingly non-technical books.

Mr. Lynch programmed C++ since IBM made Stroustroup’s macros available, and helped teach it in continuation education at IBM. He studied Common LISP at UT Austin and uses it for development at Reasoning Technology. At AMD Mr. Lynch introduced a method of code development in Wolfram Language followed by a formal verification for assisting in verification – still being used.

Mr. Lynch assisted in teaching embedded processor system design, and entrepreneurship. Mr. Lynch has built communications equipment, medical instrumentation, and an early SCSI disk controller prototype, he has participated in the designs of over a dozen microprocessor chips.

Mr. Lynch is an experienced applied mathematician having invented high speed algorithms, written proofs of algorithms and end cases for a major microprocessor manufacturer, having characterized an device library for synthesis. He was first to solve the general carry skip adder optimization problem.

According to Research Gate Mr. Lynch has 52 publications with 346 citations.


See his other interviews which were totally way more profesh:

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