The Powerful 80gb Sony Playstation 3 Game Console


As Sony’s desire to provide consumers more entertainment never possible before, it released the powerful new playstation 3 game console with a 80GB hard drive on May, 2008. With its newer design, larger storage space and faster speed, it is believed to be the ultimate playstation 3 and will replace the 60GB playstation 3 for popularity.

The new Playstation 3 has a 80GB hard drive for over 30% more download storage space than the 60GB model. This Linux pre-installed hard drive can be good for people who want to turn their PlayStation 3 console into a full-fledged computer system. This will permit the console, to be used as a computer – for applications beyond gaming.Video editing and photo retouching are examples of applications that could be run on a Linux-powered PS3.

As video gamers are always looking for more advanced games, the larger storage and Linux-powered console allows game developers to introduce more exciting games based on this power machine like Metal Gear Solid 4 and MotorStorm. With the Sony’s announcement of a new movie download service for the PlayStation 3 launching this summer in US, the 80GB hard drive will let users keep more high definition movies in their PS3.

One of the most promising designs of the new playstation 3 80GB is the blue ray technology, which supports much better graphics on this system than ever before. In addition, blue ray capability allows for consumers to play movies that are blue ray compatible. So Sony is building the new 80GB playstation 3 not only as a game console, but also as a home entertainment center incorporating gaming system, movie system as well as computing platform.

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