The Moto Z and Z Force use magnets to snap on cool mods


Hot-swappable modules for Motorola’s new phones extend battery life, amplify audio and turn on a projector.

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  1. Those dots are makking the phone to look ugly. And the Moto Z has a small capacity battery. At least the Moto G4 Plus has a bigger battery.

  2. as a long time moto x series fan, I have to say I'm very disappointed. Last moto x style/pure was near perfect. They nailed the design, screen size, speaker, price and user experience perfectly in my book. Only improvement would be a larger battery, an AMOLED screen and perhaps a better camera. Now they just ditched what they build up for thinner design which nobody cares about and metal body which also I don't really care about. Add on idea is nice, but it'll add up to the price as well. The design is also just more Lenovo than recent Moto which I don't really like. Once again, disappointed.

  3. Are we sure that these are locked to verizon? I thought it was only a verizon exclusive for the first month or so?

  4. The Mods look like an interesting concept, but I wish there were some sort of latch to keep them on. like a pin that extends when the magnetic connector on the bottom makes contact. They don't look secure, and you can even see one sort of slip when she's holding in the video.

  5. one thing I don't understand is why they put the finger print scanner on the front, the dent on the back was literally made for that-.-

  6. The phones are awesome, but CNet got their information wrong, Verizon will only have exclusivity to the Moto Z for the summer, it'll open up to other network providers unlocked in September. And the Moto Z Force will will available outside the US but without the Droid branding and the bloatware that Verizon is notorious for loading on their devices. Please don't rush to be the first to release videos about something without getting all your information straight.

  7. Verizon exclusive? Good way to kill your phone motorola. I have had the moto x pure which I bought unlocked which is how all phones should be. I was waiting for the Moto Z but I refuse to go with verizon. I won't wait for the unlocked version in the fall I will just get the iphone 7 and finally make the leap back to apple.

  8. Man wtf i could've come up with a better front design. Place the freaking finger sensor on the back dimple and give us front facing speakers.

  9. The mods are a great welcome. The bottom chin is so ugly and it's unnecessarily big, to me it is a design flow and what's up with a stupid moto branding at the chin. F..k heads in Lenovo ruined the iconic (no branding at the front) moto design. Learn something from 'Nexus' design you retards.

  10. back plates are 2200mah battery packs, great for additional a few hours, my question is how sturdy they stick on?
    i am sure you need the phone to charge if you don't have the Qi Pad

  11. 1)is the moto z force is an Usa exclusive, will not be available in India
    2) does the moto z force has only one sim slot

  12. the only problem i see here is the front of the phone is the design of the fingerprint scanner , it should've bin both a home button and a fingerprint scanner , the square button looks weird, it shouldve bin bigger

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