The moment Google Home won me over


My wife bought me a Google Home for Christmas this year and I brought it up on a cabin trip with our families. It was fun for everyone to request various music for it to play during the trip, but this answer to a strange question was the moment was when I realized this is going to be a very powerful device in the future.

Still lots of things I hope can be added in the future:
Multiple Accounts with Voice Recognition:
– Currently it is linked to my account and so any preferences and queries will be linked to my account. Would be nice if Google Home could recognize my wife’s voice and contextualize that answer based on her account.

Ability to set reminders:
– Just simple reminders that go to a list (without having to setup IFTTT)

Agenda Across Multiple Calendars:
– Right now all my events for the day are linked to my Work gmail account so when I ask Google what’s on my agenda, it only gives me my personal agenda.

Native IOT devices:
– Smart lights mostly require a separate hub in order for them to function. This is redundant as Google Home can and should be able to handle these types of things natively. I would love to see/buy Made By Google smart lights/switches/plugs/door locks/etc..

Public Transit Info:
– Very driving heavy in its response but I use public transit a lot. Specifically it would be amazing to ask Google when the next Bart train is coming so I know when to leave.

Feed My Cat:
– One can dream.

If anyone knows someone working at the product team for Google Home, tell them thanks and I’m excited to see what new features the integrate next!

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