The lifespan of an Iphone battery revealed


Well, what do you expect, really, considering how much function the Iphone carries? Something has to give, right? But this is coupled with the fact that replacing the battery is a task not for the squeamish, or the tech idiot, so that’s another thing users grumble about. Apple did not do its clients any favor for designing it that way. And now people are saying that the 3G Iphone battery only has a lifespan of 2 years, or 400 full charge cycles, more or less.

Before you throw up your hand in disgust and ditch your Iphone for a more user-friendly unit, it’s really not as bad as it sounds. All batteries have a finite lifespan, and two years would be about standard. And Apple states that the batteries will begin to degrade after 400 charges, meaning it will start to lose some of its storage capacity (as opposed to all of it). The estimate is that about 20% of the storage capacity will be lost after two years, so instead of more or less 8 hours of talk time, you’ll get a little over 6 hours.

Of course, all these estimates depend on the whether the user observes proper maintenance and care of the iphone. It’s common knowledge that exposing your iphone to extreme temperatures will shorten the lifespan of the battery. On the other hand, if you care for your phone properly as well as use the minimum of functions on your Iphone most of the time, you will probably only need to charge every other day. In that case, your battery will last longer than the standard two years.

When the battery does begin to degrade, it simply means that you’ll need to charge your Iphone more frequently. Most people manage this by carrying along an external battery extender that can recharge the Iphone even when they’re miles away from the nearest wall socket. So far, the best external battery extender in the market is the IMP500 from IMaxPower, which can carry up to 4 charges for the Iphone because it has 5000mAH worth of juice stored. Even better, by the end of December the IMP550 cableless external battery will be available from their website

So don’t worry too much about time slipping away for your Iphone battery. There’s just been too much bad publicity about it. Enjoy your Iphone as long as the battery lasts and then have the battery replaced when the time for farewells is at hand.

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