The Last Guardian – CG Cinematic Trailer | PS4


CG cinematic-style action trailer for The Last Guardian featuring Trico, the boy, and suits of armor. Pre-order The Last Guardian at

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  1. why does the visual design for Trico look so simple and flat compare to the rest of the game? His cel-shading look creates quite a huge contrast compare to the realistic design of the creature and the environment, which can be a little bit weird.

  2. Now I'm a huge fan of SOTC. What will be the replay value of this game if there are no enemies yatta yatta? I play SOTC once in a while and it is still to this day a beautiful game, but what will the replay value be and should I get the Collector's Edition or Standard?

  3. im telling you all right now. the monster dies at the end. like michel bay with exposions the guys who make these things have a hard on for bitter sweet endings.

  4. I'm really excited after my Xbox one broke last month I decided to give PS4 a go next and I get my console on the 7th of December! I think I'll get this game which is out the day before I buy my console!? looks awesome I just hope I get into PlayStation as much as I did Xbox!? I'm changing sides because the exclusive games just look way better for PS4 I think! I only looked out of interest I was getting an XB1 S but after seeing The Last Guardian, Horizon zero dawn etc no way! im giving Sony a chance I can only afford one console hopefully I enjoy my choice of console?!?…

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