The IBM Dependable InfoPrint 1612 Printer


The IBM Infoprint 1612 Printer is laser printer with duplex features priced lower than most laser printers. This printer is capable of handling the printing requirements of small businesses and workgroups adequately. Its initial page is done quickly in 6.5 seconds. However, the swiftness of printing could be affected by several factors like the intricacy of the document, the software application, the paper used, the environment and other factors. Its attractive price at $ 455 is definitely lesser compared to other printers with similar features.

Infoprint 1612 from IBM can quickly print out documents in letter size papers, producing a maximum of 35 pages per minute (PPM). It can produce 33 page document in A4 paper every minute. The duplex or double side function enables it to print on both sides at the same time. The paper can be accommodated in a 250-piece paper tray. There is a single sheet manual tray that can be used in printing transparencies, labels, index cards, envelopes and special papers.

The 1612 printer utilizes a 366 MHz processor, which can produce printed documents in seconds. The Infoprint 1612 printer is sold at a much lower price than many laser printers with comparable speed. Printers with this kind of speed can demand a price of $ 875. Its dimension of 16 inches x14 inches x10 inches enables it to fit in to any cramped spaces like a small office.

This can be connected to a LAN, turning it into a printer server with its wireless to Ethernet feature. This feature allows the printer to link directly to a wireless LAN using an IEEE 802.11g standard with a speed of at most 54 megabits per second or Mbps. The wireless adapter works within the range of 20-50 meters if indoors and 100-200 meters if outdoors. The environment and the construction materials used in the edifice determine the reach. The wireless LAN feature of InfoPrint 1612 is compatible with all wifi equipment.

The printing results of IBM Infoprint 1612 Printer are based on several factors like the interface of the host, system used and its application, content, printer features, printer memory, printer resolution and document size. The Infoprint 1612 USB cable works well with various operating systems such as Windows 2000 or higher, Apple Macintosh with USB and OS 9 or higher, or Max OS X 10.2 or higher, Red Hat Linux and SuSE Linux, and all other operating systems that allow USB printing.

The page printed from an Infoprint 1612 printer contains a margin of at least 4.0 mm (0.158 in.) On all sides. The IBM InfoPrint 1612 can support a maximum of 250 sheets in a single drawer. It utilizes 1200 dpi. This express printer prints in legal and A4 size papers.

Large printing volume can be done immediately. It can produce up to 35,000 pages each month. However, if you regularly use it at maximum capacity, it could strain the machine. The printer comes with Eco-mode function that reduces use of paper and power and eliminates sound pollution.

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