The Greatness of Indian Culture is Reflected in Its Age Old Culture and Customs


Who would believe that Indians worship 33 crores gods and goddesses? Every family has a deity of their own. Throughout the year celebrations are going on in Indian culture. Festive season is a flavor of every day. The reason for it is the multi ethnic city that survives in the myriad population of India. People of every religion come and participate in the festivals and celebrations everywhere.

The culture and ethnicity is visible all through the country. This is very obvious on travelling India throughout. At the most amazing part is the variations in communities in different locations of India. They have their individualistic approach to customs, attire and even in the various rituals. It is awesome that there is a tribe in Indian culture that devours burned dead human meat. Very obviously, the culture of India is as subtle as it is gory.

Animal sacrifices to appease gods, garland with silver and gold ornaments as gifts to gods go on to show the diversity of celebrating god’s power. Long days, even months of pujas are offered to the rain gods to bless with good corps and harvest is such example. Constantlytravelling India and mixing with people show how diverse Indian culture can be. Everyone is aware of the various festivities like Deepawali, Dusshera, Holi etc.

People of different castes and creeds, get together, to celebrate diwali and id thus strengthening the brotherhood. Does this show there is enmity? The fairs that are held during these festivals bring people from distant places just to see the celebrations. In India, occasions like kumbh mela and such holy pilgrimages sees lakhs of worshippers toiling hard to get the blessings of the gods. Many are there who aretravelling India to understand how there is such a mixing of people who never knew each other.

Another factor that has always amazed people from outside is the Indian crafts. Unimaginable creations from basic material like earth are crafted to produce handicrafts whose popularity is quite high. Many states have encouraged these craftsmen. The rich culture of India has been known to the whole world since long. But in the near future, people are looking at the basic culture of India. Like the popularity ofIndian crafts , people from western countries are looking towards India for spiritual wisdom. In the years to come, India will stand up as a mean of showing the beacon of light of spirituality as well as scientific progress.

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