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  1. 1.0 art design and music are better than ARR, by far. Both Akihiko Yoshida and Nobuo Uematsu are the most talented people in Square-Enix (well, they're both freelancer now) along with Itou (FF6, FF9, FF12 and let's hope FF16). Same goes for the engine, along with The Witcher 2 FFXIV 1.0's one shows us how a DX9.0 engine can be absolutely stunning (textures, bump mapping) and above a cheap DX11.0 one (ARR).
    Also 1.0 was the way to follow and preserve for all the FFXI's fans and its playerbase, having a larger peak with ARR doesn't mean getting more players, we have less than 400K active accounts right now and the game is a disaster with no contents for dedicated/hardcore players.

    So yes, shame on Wada who wanted the game being released too quickly and didn't give to the game proper servers. Luckily he has been replaced.
    The only hope for FF online and its future is to see Tanaka on the next SE MMO, once again. Unless Yoshi-P changes his mindset, radically.

  2. God I hated Leve from 14 1.0 and the teleport currency
    thanks for this reminder
    somethings I hated some things I love 2.0 is all LOVE

  3. Your video is interesting, but the comment you made about a blue hue to everything during night time is a bit dumb tbh. As for the fire, that's pretty much exactly how your character should look around one, since a fire doesn't give that much light to begin with.

  4. shrug The game had it's problems, but it's nowhere near as bad as you make it seem to be. The character lighting was SO much better than we have now, and every little pebble out in the wild had it's own little fake shadow, which made the whole thing seem way more realistic than now that we have real shadows on top of pixelated flat surfaces that do not have to bother with shadows anymore since there IS nothing that could cast a shadow..Night looked great, and I absolutely love the original Shroud design (not the copy&paste, obviously, but the maze-like structure).
    Of course it was everything but optimized, but technology advances so fast that I have no doubt even lower grade computers nowadays could run it fairly well; just based on the progress that was made over the years.
    Personally, I found the actual systems you played with to be the big problem, the graphical quality on the other hand was not THAT bad..;)

  5. I tried playing 1.0. I couldn't get passed the first area because of leves and it was confusing for myself. So I left and didn't go back until I got the magic email that let me alpha and beta test 2.0 and been playing since then. I have no regrets playing this game because I met my SO through it and still having a blast.

  6. I played 1.0 from alpha until now and i really just log on now to do the daily roulette. I honestly liked 1.0 because you didn't just get handed good gear like you do now. Roaming the zones in 1.0 with level 90 mobs was much more fun then now also. They made the game simply to easy, and every patch that comes out now makes all the gear you worked hard to get basically trash…

  7. In the next video, would you please cover the outsourcing to Chinese coding firms and how their sloppy coding hurt the development of the game?

  8. I really hope we get like an overgrown / partially destroyed and
    abandoned version of that rapture tech demo area as some sort of
    dungeon. It's out on the water somewhere according to the trailer, in
    some sort of sparse mangrove area.

    It could be in Meracydia or it could be on the west continent, or it
    could be underground somewhere or hidden away in Dravania after the
    mangrove's waters had receded.

  9. sigh less please, there was a section where you sighed like once every 5 seconds. They're find but all the bits where you tried to sound exasperated got a little obnoxious tbh.

  10. how did you get the footage of 1.0? is there some way to access a playable version of the game even though its offline or was this just a build up of your 1.0 days? i bought the game and couldn't play it right because my computer couldn't handle it. i got a better computer just to find out a month and a half later it was shutting down so i never really got to explore the game. i want to see this games origins but i know that's nearly impossible.

  11. Okay, you got me good with the flower pots. I was expecting some low level monster with absurd respawn rates ir maybe other players. Flowe pots tho XD

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