The Evolution of FINAL FANTASY


Final Fantasy is a massive game series spanning generations of gamers, consoles, and gameplay styles. But where did it all begin, and how did it get to where FFXV is today? Falcon breaks it down.
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  1. what worries me the most is that to make the remake of FFVII they may mix FFVII story with FFXV gameplay style. don't get me wrong I'm sure there's nothing wrong with FFXV but… some things can't be changed without losing it's origins. it would be wonderful if they made a FFXVI based on the story of FFVII and I would play it for sure but… a remake of a great game is a bit more than using the same name, same characters and similar story.

    truth to be told I have only seriously played FFVI to FFX and "a bit of" a realm reborn so I can't truly talk about how good or bad FFXV gameplay is but I don't feel it's right to make a FFVII remake using that.

    if I had to choose a best FF ever I would say FFVII although I do liked FFVI too but when I played it it felt graphically outdated so I moved onto more modern games.
    FFX looked spectacular but to me it was the beginning of the end and FFX-2 was the end of game for me. I played a realm reborn mostly because it was a MMO, looked promising and I was tired of World of Warcraft but I didn't get what I expected either.

    Now Square says they will make a remake of one of my most cherished games… it will be either the greatest success that will hook me again with Square or the last time I try one of their games. only time will tell. buy I'm not looking for good graphics and music. I'm looking for that playability (is that a word?) that make me want to continue playing FFVII even when I had done everything (and I mean everything) more times than I care to count.

    I played FFVI for days, FFVIII from beginning to end, FFIV full of hope, FFX once without caring about all sidequests, FFX-2 because things couldn't be worse or so I though and a realm reborn for a few months out of boredom but never entered a single raid.

    with this said… please square. please FF gamers. please all. give me hope that FF7Remake will be worth of my expectations. there's still a playful child inside this forty years old body. a child that wants to enjoy an experience like the one the original FF7 gave me.

  2. In total, counting every spin off, and the kingdome hearts line, we can have over 100 Final Fantasy games, OVER A 100.

  3. Also, I'd wish they would've talked about Final Fantasy Tactics, since its more a main game, rather than a spin off, they even reused its universe!!

  4. I was just thinking, "man I could listen to Falcon talk about video games all day". Always enjoy watching his videos!
    Back on topic, I've only played 12 and haven't beaten it but it was pretty fun. Not a big player of large open world games due to the time they can take to complete. Something I wish I had time for.

  5. There is obviously a piece that was edited out around minute 16. You guys ever going to re-upload to put that back?

  6. I have a theory that your favourite FF is the first one you play and for me that was 8. After playing through, 7, 8, 10, a bit of 9 and 13, I can say that 7 and 10 did a lot of things a lot better than 8 did, including the story line and yes, the battle system. 7's battle system is probably my favourite of all that I've played. And 10's story line had me emotionally invested from start (except for that odd prologue thing) to finish. But, that soundtrack in FF8. Holy moly. Despite its flaws, 8 will always have a special place in my heart.

  7. All time favorite so far has to be 8. 10 a close 2nd place with 6 at 3rd. Lightning round up 4th place with 13 and Areith decending down the water round up 5th for her crew.

  8. I can't wait for the FF7 remake, FF15 has been my first FF and i've really enjoyed it. Ending was a bit of a shame but it has been really good and the battle system swayed me to make this my first FF game

  9. I feel like you really glazed over the fact that a lot of the games with huge new feature changes were because they were on an entirely new platform, and the rising popularity was paired with the rising popularity of gaming as a whole.

    FF14 is far more story based than you'd expect from an mmo, and while you made it sound like something that finished years ago, the story is still going to date.

  10. I wonder if squaresoft could have put the ffvii assets into the ffix engine before they turned into shitenix and fucked everything up?

    I still like to play ffvii with tifas 7th heaven mod every now and again.

    I can't help but feel that squeenix will fuck up the ffvii remake for the original fans.

  11. Final Fantasy 6, 7, 9 and 10 are my favourite games in the series. I haven't played 4 or 15 yet, but maybe I can them to my list once I have.

  12. my top rated, VII, I didn't enjoy VIII as much, never really finished it honestly. I really liked what they did with XIII but I absolutely hated X

  13. the first ff i play is ff8. the guardian force system is pretty cool, but all you talk about is magic draw system… which is very optional except for drawing guardian force from certain bosses. type-0 is a nightmare if you play on PSP.

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