The Crew – Launch Trailer


The Crew is finally here. With the massive re-creation of the United States now open for the exploring, drivers everywhere are stockpiling their new cars, customizing them and taking these beasts out for a ride.

All the roads, missions and skill challenges lead to the Faction Wars, and everyone is taking sides. The Wolves in Detroit. The Bears in Los Angeles. The Eagles in New York. Watch the Launch Trailer, and witness the thrill of facing off against rival factions in The Crew.

The Crew is available now for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and PC platforms. Visit for more information!

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  1. when mustang gt was formed was formed so from where driver came from???, was the driver also formed by stone was the lizard driver

  2. u fucking cunts… so I was playing the 110 checkpoint race. and my game crashed on the 90th chewckpoint.
    Dont U dare say that my pc is the problem. My specs are: i7-5930k, 16gb ram, r9 390x.

  3. When they announced a great game which I loved, but now the game is still full of bugs, the servers are just shit and when you have a problem, the support is more shit than the own servers.

  4. Wäre das die InGame-Grafik, wäre das das geilste Open-World Rennspiel was es auf dem Markt gibt. Hoffentlich kommt so was mal für die neuen Konsolen wie PS4 Pro und Xbox "Scorpio" die das sicher von den Leistungen her schaffen würden…

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