The Creator Of Final Fantasy And Lost Odyssey Will Soon Reveal His Next Project


by Robert Workman


While we’ve got more than enough role-playing shenanigans to keep us busy over the next year or so, we can’t help but wonder…what’s Hironobu Sakaguchi been up to lately?

The director of many chapters in the Final Fantasy series, as well as the Xbox 360/Xbox One role-playing adventure Lost Odyssey, has been pretty quiet as of late, but that’s about to change pretty soon.

Sakaguchi-san is scheduled to appear on a Nico Nico livestream that will take place later this week, on June 22nd, at 8 PM Japan time. During this time, he’s expected to reveal just what his next game will be, and what could possibly be involved with it.

The livestream will be co-hosted by Famitsu editor-in-chief Katsuhiko Hayashi, and will also feature Nobuo Uematsu, the composer of many Final Fantasy games. While this does not entirely confirm that the two are working together on the new project, it does seem very likely, since they’ve worked so well as a team in the past.

Sakaguchi’s Mistwalker team has already been teasing something new in the works, as DualShockers previously reported that two musical tracks and a piece of promotional art (seen above) have been revealed, hinted at what could possibly be coming.

The team has been keeping busy with work on the mobile game Terra Battle, which has been creating quite a stir in the Japanese market. Sakaguchi-san has been promising to bring it to consoles, but hasn’t said anything about it as of late. There is a slight possibility that this new project in the works could be a port of that game, but nothing is finalized just yet.

Sakaguchi hasn’t talked about the console edition in just over a year, so maybe it’s time we hear what’s going on with it. We know a lot of fans of his that would be pleased to see him return to consoles, bringing his role-playing conjuring magic with him. We’ll let you know any details in terms of what’s announced following the live stream. Fingers crossed that it’s another classic in the making. After all, it’s Sakaguchi!






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