The Apple Watch gets Dick Tracy style video chat (Apple Byte)


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The MacBook Pro brings the fastest SSD drives, CMRA is making the Apple Watch even better and say goodbye to the Peach emoji. #RestInPeach

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  1. I'm more upset about them removing the illuminating Apple. I can't be pretentious at Starbucks without an illuminating Apple.

  2. a broken airpod design…that you have to pay $160 for…and now they're not even ready. who is still paying Apple for this junk??

  3. People…. you don't need dongles. Just change out the cables you are already using. There is no difference in what you carry in your back. People are just being horribly pathetic about all this.

    You can of course always use a simple little docking/hub if you want to keep your old cables. Or if all of this is too much for you… then don't try to be a first adopter…. be honest with yourselves.

  4. "Most companies wont adopt these drives until late 2017" – Umm, Alienware, ASUS, MSI, RAZER and more already use an NVMe PCIe interface in their laptops. Sure they do not come with PCIe SSDs but the interface is still there. That's a bad apple Brian.

  5. Hang on a second. Who listens to their phone when it's plugged in to their computer? There's literally 0 reason for that at all.

  6. CMRA has no Facetime support, And I do not see Apple opening up the API to 3rd party developers. At that price Point, that is going to be a non starter for us Apple Geeks

  7. If we could we would boycott apple until they brought back the good stuff, but if we keep buying they won't care about us. But we will keep buying because it's apple. I want Steve back!

  8. Every apple device should come with USB-c cable included and the laptop should have had at least couple of USB to USB-C dongles included.

  9. inb4 apple blows people's heads off when the introduce wireless charging from a distance and the charge from the macbook also has this functionality (then we would truly be living in the future) just gotta find a way past that pesky energy loss

  10. Man I hate apple now. They've really sucked with EVERYTHING recently. In one way or another I've been disappointed in everything in the past couple years. For example: watch-slow and short battery, iphones- not innovative and removal of headphone jack, MacBook-removal of ports making your life a hectic mess of tangling dongles, book-$300 dollars for a book!?!, Air Pods- too expensive easy to lose and expensive, cases and accessories- way to pricey, the list goes on and on. I wonder what they're even doing with the ridiculous amount of money we're paying for old boring tech

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