That special sauce: Future Apple products are always bad news


Apple is expected to announce new things at WWDC next month so, quick, to the “Why you will hate Apple’s WWDC announcements” machine!

Writing for the Forbes contributor network and large animal husbandry research center, Curtis Silver has read Bloomberg’s report on Apple’s supposed plans for laptop announcements for you! So convenient!

“Apple May Announce Immediately Outdated MacBooks Next Month At WWDC.” (Tip o’ the antlers to Philip Speicher.)

Why read Bloomberg when you can read Forbes and… uh… and… uhhhh… ummm…

Uh, the Macalope has really nothing there. He started typing that sentence thinking he’d surely think of something by the end of it but, nope.

Seems like the kind of thing you’d edit out, right? And, yet, here’s the Macalope still typing and just leaving it sitting up there. Very strange.


The universe always finds a way to balance itself out.

You ever, like… just look at your hand, dude?

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