[Tesla Review 2016]Tesla Model X – Problem 2 – Coolant Leak!


Thanks for watching.I just got my new Model X few week ago! I couldn’t get enough videos on youtube when I was waiting for mine to get delivered! I want to return the favor so everyone can enjoy the eye candy!

This series is all about issues that I experience with the Model X. I had the Model S for over 3 years and I had every problem you can think of! Tesla is a new car manufacturer and they are still learning to make cars so it is to be expected there are issues with the car. It is how they go about taking care of the issues that really matter! With Tesla, their service is second to none. Even with all the issues I had with the Model S, it was totally painless!

So with that out of the way, the second problem I had with this car with less than 1000 miles, the coolant sprung a leak! While driving I got “Car needs service, Power reduced”, message! I thought nothing of it, usually the message goes away when I reboot the system. But this time after 15 minutes, it said the second message “Please pull over safely, vehicle is shutting down”. When this message appeared, the power was limited to almost zero! I couldn’t drive the car anymore, could barely pull to the side of the local street I was on.

Called Tesla road side assistance and told them the error and they dispatched a vehicle. That is when I notice the next message “Vehicle coolant low” and I went out to verify that coolant was leaking! The dripping coolant eventually became peeing! Unfortunately I couldn’t catch it on video since I was on the phone with Tesla! But it is a sight to behold! It was peeing from the front and rear of the battery!

Tesla sent a Uber to take me home, but advised that I put the key in the left rear trunk! Don’t do this as the car still senses the key fob even though app says the car is locked! I tried it multiple times with Tesla on the phone and it didn’t work! Eventually had to take the battery out! I wasn’t going to wait an hour for the tow truck to come!

This was unfortunately on the Sunday before 4th of July 2016, so I will be without the car until Tuesday. Hopefully it is a quick fix and they can return the car to me on Tuesday!

I hate problems that prevent me from driving my Tesla!

Happy 4th of July Everyone!

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