[Tesla Review 2016]Tesla Model X – Episode 6 – All 5 USB Ports TESTED and more! (4K)


Thanks for watching.Link to the High Power Dual USB charger on Amazon

Tesla Model X P90D Ludicrous

Just got my new Model X almost a month ago! I couldn’t get enough videos on youtube when I was waiting for mine to get delivered! I want to return the favor so everyone can enjoy the eye candy!

The goal is also to educate those of you who are still waiting for your cars or considering ordering one.

This episode is about the USB Ports. I did a previous video regarding how low power the USB port on the Model S was. Prompting me to buy a high power cigarette lighter USB charger. I also use one of the ports for a USB thumb drive and only have one port left anyway. I need one for the wife!

It turns out the in the Model X, the front two ports are USB 3.0 as we are getting close to 1.5A of power. The two in the middle row are a also USB 3.0 and provides 1.5A of power as well. The surprise is the one in the third row as this one puts out 2A of power.

Here is a break down:

USB Values
Tesla MX
Front Port 1 4.82V 1.43A 6.892W
Front Port 2 4.82V 1.43A 6.892W
Second Row Port 1 4.78V 1.63A 7.791W
Second Row Port 2 4.73V 1.80A 8.514W
Third Row Port 4.92V 2.23A 10.97W
Mac Book Pro 4.76V 1.72A 8.234W
12V USB Charger 5.27V 2.35A 12.38W
Tesla MS 4.5V 1.03A 4.635W

Here is the link to the Model S USB Port Review:

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