[Tesla Review 2016]Tesla Model S – OEM Paint Protection Option – Clearly a MISTAKE! (4K)


Thanks for watching.This Model S P85 is a loaner provided as my Model X is in the shop for multiple issues.

Right After the tech dropped off the car, I notice a “scratch” all along the front of the hood! After the quick brain fart, I quickly realized it was the original OEM paint protection option Tesla used to offer on their Model S. I don’t have it on mine so I’ve never seen it in person.

After seeing it on this car, I am glad I didn’t get it. I can see why Tesla discontinued that option. It clearly isn’t a good option and it seems half assed. It installer doesn’t even attempt to hide the seams and there is just no way to hide the ugly one across the front hood since it doesn’t cover the entire hood. I get why they did it, it is a matter of cost, but I think it is a stupid option since it is aesthetically unpleasing.

Anyway, hope you found this as informative as I did. Never seeing this before after 3 years of ownership. It is an eye opener!

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