Tesla Motors: Reading the Battery Management System Data! (BMS)


Tesla Motors: Reading the Battery Management System Data! (BMS)
With some new tools in hand, we can now read information from a Tesla’s CAN Bus data port. This is some long awaited, much desired information! Come along as You Explore with me! More to come as I learn more about Tesla Spy and what it’s full capabilities are!

We’ll dig through the packs total capacity, balance of the cells, battery/power-train temp, and a bit more. Learn as I do, MORE TO COME!


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  1. Any chance that the one large temperature difference has something to do with the front-most position of the pack, jutting out from the rest? . . .

  2. This app is remarkably similar to its Nissan Leaf counterpart (and probably ancestor) "LeafSpy"… and after a quick search, I see that "TM-spy" is indeed from LeafSpy author. Excellent job of reverse engineering…

  3. Car reports kWh that are used while vehicle is on. BMS counts everything, including charging losses (possibly) and preconditioning.

  4. You said "Trip A is lifetime" — so I recommend that you rename it to "Lifetime". It might prevent you or a passenger from accidentally resetting it.

  5. Pack 80.9 Remain means 80.9kWh usable capacity from the actual 85.8kWh pack. 4kWh buffer is all ready taken off in that. So your battery has degraded by 0.9kWh.

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