Tesla Model X Fancy Doors in the Rain


A look at how falcon wing doors are constructed to protect the cabin and passengers from inclement weather

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  1. What i saw there i would call a drizzle not exactly rain to me, I like the design of the falcon wing doors as they are open, I was thinking if it would have been possible for Tesla to design and engineer some thing that can automatically come out from the front and back of the falcon wing doors as they are open, to shield the inside of the vehicle from falling rain and snow and just before the door closes it can automatically recline back into the door, the materiel can be something like what umbrellas are made of or some other light durable material that will last for continuous use and it can be set on and off when its needed and when its not .

  2. I had a test drive in a Model X when it was raining really heavily and the doors did a better job than I thought they would at keeping me dry while I put isofix car seat in the back. I was also surprised how little water actually got in.

  3. Your brain has "swallowed" the advertisements of Tesla.
    When it rains and there is wind, the dirty water from the door falls into the car.
    Yes, you can open the door partially, but then it is not easy to enter the car.
    When you open the door when it's cold, those in the car are in the cold air stream.
    Make videos in these climatic conditions …

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