Tesla Model 3 — Test Track Video (#CleanTechnica Exclusive From Unveiling Night)


Kyle Field and I were on the Tesla Model 3 test track the night the car was unveiled in Hawthorne (Los Angeles), California. This is an abridged version of my original video compilation from those test track rides.

Kyle and I were on the track for ~2 hours, and my original compilation was ~20 minutes long, but a number of people complained that it was too long, so I created this shorter version that cuts out all but one Model X shots as well as some of the lower-quality shots.

Full article here:

If you want to watch the original, full-compilation video, see:

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  1. Electrics are going to demote quad-exhaust, and 1000 decibel revving to the ranks of fake spoilers and glitter on base hondas! In a few years you will look (and sound ridiculous) trying to impress anyone by revving your moded BMWwhatever series. Electric just says "effortless performance"

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