Tesla Model 3 Prototype In The Wild, Outside Unplugged Performance Office – March 2017


Our office neighbors are the best! They were testing a Tesla Model 3 prototype, cruising up and down the street outside our office. To most, this might have just looked like another car, but we knew how special of a moment it was! Thankfully we were there to capture it for our fellow Tesla fanatics.
In the background you’ll also see the SpaceX Hyperloop test track!

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Music from Shy Guy’s Album: Beats. James Beats.

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  1. love the car! but did that driver just do two rolling stops at two consecutive stop signs?! and didn't give way to pedestrians?!

  2. А в России,Путинская стабильность,17 лет при нем в говне люде живут

  3. Когда откроют представительство в России, обязательно себе такую закажу. Думаю, ценник от 2 млн. будет стартовать.

  4. Ongetwijfeld het wachten waard… Door de technische evolutie van de batterij-techniek komt het met de autonomie ook wel in orde. We are believers 🙂

  5. 35k is a good size and good SUV for family of 4 or 5. That hyreploop at the background ? Why? The guy in the car drives with open window! Only 2 explanations possible: either passenger is not american or car does not provide enough power for electrical motor and A/C.

  6. Model 3 achieves 215 miles of range per charge… and with A/C MINUS 30% which brings it to maybe 120 miles? At most.

  7. feedback for your next video: don't play shit music at 200% volume within the opening frame of the video. rip headphone users everywhere

  8. I love the front end design. Glad they're getting rid of the front grill, but the rear is too smiley and not aggressive looking enough like the Model X. I still think the Prius or Ioniq look better.

  9. deliberately fed to the public to make it look like they're on schedule with the car. Which they are not. I like Tesla, I seriously consider one but I don't trust Tesla too much.

  10. This is not the beta prototype. It is the same one that was revealed a year ago. Please be more clear in the title and stop misleading

  11. Watched this video for the car but the SpaceX branded piping in the background caught my attention! It looks like a small version of a hyperloop-tube prototype. Anyone care to shed a light on what it might be??

  12. Prototype, reservations, but no orders yet… is July 2017 the official start of production ? And when is the expected date of completion, end 2017 ? Sounds like hard to believe Model 3 would be vaporware, but what kind of surprise do you expect ?

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