Tesla Model 3 OPTIONS & PRICING!


Let’s look at options and pricing for the Model 3

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  1. I can not imagine buying a tesla without full autopilot features. Also, full sunroof is a must sincer these are options you just can't get with other brands.

  2. Musk has stated that the base will $35000 and the mid-level will be $42000. The fully loaded premium versions will be $56575. There is no Ludacris mode, air Suspension, or massive battery upgrades available. Batteries are only the base 44kwh or upgrade to a 60kwh. The model 3 is not intended to compete with a model S, even when fully loaded.

  3. …? All car ads have a "Base price starting at…." You're complaining that a car has options that will raise the price. That's silly. …and since when $160,000 triple $70,000? 7 x 3 = 21. lol 90 seconds in and I'm done.

  4. Hey reservation holder here from Melbourne, Australia. I would like to say that while it would be nice to have features like autopilot and ludicrous mode, I will probably end up sticking with the base model 3 to keep the costs down. I am buying a Tesla because I believe in the company and it's goals. The most important feature on that upgrade list, to me, is the battery (range). I don't mind missing out on some of the premium features such as glass roof, uhd speakers, and premium wheels. I hope however, that full Autopilot will be a feature that can be upgraded at a later date. Performance doesn't really matter, I'm happy with base acceleration and speed so all-wheel drive and other performance related configurations don't matter. I think HUD should be standard on all Model 3s.

    TLDR : HUD should be standard, I only care about range

  5. I'm gonna hold off on the technology until it hits the sweet spot which to me is around 25k. I love the futuristic design of the Tesla's interiors and how tech heavy everything is and the autonomous driving is the future, but man I can't justify the price for one. I don't understand why someone simply doesn't rip off the tech heavy approach Tesla has and then invests in the autonomous tech and put that in gas cars like the Accord and sell them like hot cakes.

  6. I'm ok with getting a base model 3 with the enhanced autopilot, and maybe pay the extra fee for fully autonomous in the future. But it will be very tempting to go a little upgrade crazy (within reason- i.e. Spend almost $50k).

  7. I was done when you said 167,500$ is nearly triple the base price… 70,500*3=211,500… uhhhhm… no not even close

  8. I have have mine on reserve too, I would pick the full package!!!
    100 KW , Full Glass, All wheel drive, Full Auto Pilot, HUD, Performance motor & Leather everything
    If i'm getting a Tesla, I'm going hard.

  9. they said during the reveil last year that the screen with the hud was standard. and i thought they said the glass roof was too because of head room. altho im not concerned with the roof

  10. I plan to configure my Model 3 with the following options:

    * the largest battery available
    * full autonomous driving
    * all-wheel drive (essential for driving in snow country)
    * sub-zero climate? (Not sure what this entails).

    I am not interested in ludicrous mode, premium audio, glass roof, etc., but might opt for leather seats if they will last longer than fabric, because I expect this to be the last car I buy.

  11. Musk has been saying the average cost will be around $55k. The base 3 is 50% of the S. So just cut everything in 1/2.

  12. This is pure speculation but seems not too far from what I think will be reality. I don't need a big battery, dual motors, ludicrous mode etc, but Autopilot is a must. And if that's only available for higher levels then it's goona be really expensive just for that one thing.

  13. They said the autopilot will be included in the model 3 by default. I got one minute into the video and I already hate this guys speculation.

  14. A base Mustang v6 is $26k and loaded GT350R is $69k. A base BMW 320i is $34.5k vs loaded 340xi at $64k (I am not even going to M3). If you wants a loaded car but only with base car money that means you just can't afford it. If a base Tesla 3 doesn't have 200+ mile normal driving range or doesn't even have an Air Con standard then you can start complain. Until then….

  15. To answer your question, I'd like a red Model 3 with dual motors (4×4) and enough battery to drive 300 km (200mi) on the motorway at 130 km/h (80mph). Oh, and some basic autopilot so I can rest in heavy traffic (sounds weird to write that!)

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