Tesla Model 3 central screen experiment


How does it feel and how safe is to drive with no dashboard behind the steering wheel and only a central screen like in the Model 3 ?
Here’s my take on that, driving the Fluence ZE

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  1. That's dangerous and stupid design. Mini brought the speedometer, which was analog to the centre cluster, to the steering wheel area, closer to the driver's eye. The Japanese cars that have the digital display in the centre just have it for cost-cutting measures between left hand and right hand drives, not to mention that they're higher and recessed. This makes it even closer to the sight lines towards the road, and prevents the glare on what is likely a glossy screen on the Model 3.

  2. Much better compared to the analog center instrument on the (old) Minis. I think showing the speed in digital numbers makes the point. Thanks for the video!

  3. Great video!

    In theory, it's easy to think I would hate this, but your experiment shows it's quite manageable. In the Model 3, the numbers will be bigger and closer to the top left corner than what you showed, which should be right in your line of sight.

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