Teenager Buys $735 Picture Of Xbox One On eBay


Nottingham teenager gets £450 refund after buying a photo of an XBox One on eBay:

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  1. Forget the money, hes an idiot for getting an Xbox, its all about The Playstation 4. Good thing he wasnt able to give the xbox to his son, he would of grown up to be a trash talking 13 year old.

  2. He is pretty stupid because why would you pay that much when you can buy it first hand and cheaper with like 4 games on Amazon

  3. I remember my dad trying to buy us a ps2, he was a cheap skate and bought quite expensive tickets for a raffle. didn't get a ps2 for another 3 years.

  4. thats why you ask to see other images of the item/auction before buying.
    They can't provide legitamate proof or quality of item.
    Leave well enough alone and find another seller or go amazon/retail stores.

  5. What if the seller was secretly the "buyer" and the buyer bought it from the seller for $735 and it was all a scam for eBay to give him double the money?? O.o

  6. If it was clearly stated in easy to read letters that it was just a picture then ebay did the wrong thing by issuing a refund and banning the seller

  7. Lazy people just gona buy online, and wait the product to come in their house. I would rather walk or ride a taxi to a nearest Game Store, that PS4 or Xbox1 worth 299$.

  8. I'll bet next he'll be buying a picture of a condom, so umm yeah I pretty much think that, he's a re-re…

  9. You didn't mention the INTERFERING C*NTS when a purchase is made and
    receiving empty packages sent by WORTHLESS PIECES OF SH*T. What am I
    saying??????????? I am saying GO F*CK YOURSELF. I'LL DO THINGS

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