Apple is accused of abusing a dominant position on its platform for downloading mobile applications. Fortnite or Spotify do not disarm.

The Fortnite game is no longer on the App Store.

The Fortnite game is no longer on the App Store.


A dozen companies, including Deezer and Spotify, have joined forces against Apple, which they accuse of abusing a dominant position on its mobile application download platform, according to a statement released Thursday in Brussels and Washington. “The gatekeepers who operate the app stores should not abuse the control they enjoy,” the companies say.

The union also includes Match Group, which owns the Tinder dating app, and Epic Games, the publisher of Fortnite, already engaged in a legal and media battle against the iPhone maker over the same subject.

Changing regulations

Apple and other platforms “must accept supervision to ensure that their behavior promotes a competitive market and offers consumers a fair choice”, add the companies gathered under the banner “Coalition for App Fairness” (“Coalition for equity between apps ”).

The association wants to change the regulations on app stores. She criticizes mobile platform operators – mainly Apple (iOS) and Google (Android) – for being both judge and party and for crushing the competition by promoting their own products.

Epic Games and Apple have been clashing for several weeks over Apple’s 30% commission on consumer purchases through the App Store.


The publisher of the hugely popular survival shooter Fortnite tried in August to bypass the payment technology of iOS, Apple’s operating system, and sued the iPhone maker, which he accuses of anti-competitive practices.

Apple immediately removed Fortnite from the App Store, and a judge ruled that it was in breach of contract.

“Financial disagreement”

The Californian giant has explained on numerous occasions that this commission is used to ensure the proper functioning of the App Store and the security of user transactions. “The lawsuit brought by Epic is never more than a basic financial disagreement,” Apple argued in a lawsuit filed in early September seeking damages from the publisher.

“While Epic wants to pose as a modern corporate Robin Hood, it’s actually a multibillion-dollar company that doesn’t want to pay anything for the App Store, even if it makes a ton of money. value ”, continued the lawyers of the group.

Revenue generated by Fortnite increased in August, despite a shortfall from its foreclosure from Apple and Google app stores, according to a benchmark study by analyst Superdata released Wednesday.

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