Guardians Wanted: Why Destiny 2 has Become a Playerless Wasteland

Where Have All The Guardians Gone? The Erratic Pattern Of Destiny 2 Gamers

It’s hard to imagine a game that has had such a back and forth in the news in recent months as Destiny 2. First was its announcement, which received a mixed response. After that, the official trailers hit and it was explosive. Following that, the gaming community was divided on the future of Destiny 2 as a whole. Once the game launched, those who played it fell in love and those who were skeptics peeked over the fence to see if it was any good. Now, it seems, the game has pissed off its hardcore community and the player base has dropped off, drastically.

Destiny 2 made headlines recently as the best selling game of 2017 in the span of a month, beating out titles such as Horizon Zero Dawn and Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Yet, in that same time frame, Destiny 2’s player base has gone from 3.5 million players down to 1.5 million. There doesn’t seem to be a definitive reason for the loss in player count, but still, the game trudges along as the best selling title. Destiny 2 also made headlines when it was called out for not being grindy enough, a complaint we never thought we would see out of a first-person shooter where grinding is the name of the game.

So what really happened? How is it a game with a score of 87/100 from COGconnected can perch so finely on the line between what seems to be complaints of being nearly unplayable and losing its fan base, yet still be considered one of the biggest games of the year, and for many is a staple of daily gaming? It’s my opinion that fans of Destiny got exactly what they had hoped for in the sequel, and therein lies the problem: Bungie created a game for experienced players and newcomers alike and painted themselves into the corner with a title that seemingly works too well for the beginners but leaves those used to handling a pulse rifle in the dust.


“I believe the problem lies in the veiled grind, and the lack of reward for completing it.”

When Destiny 2 launched players were clawing to get onto the servers and take up the mantle of guardian again. The single player campaign was a healthy length to offer a movie quality story – It might not have been a compelling and thought-provoking narrative, but as a summer blockbuster-esque story it was more fun than an unlimited ammo golden gun. Clearly, the story was not the problem for the game, so what is? The technical aspect of the game runs perfectly: every possible game mode will see you improve and find better loot, clans function great, and there is a real sense of earning your progression. As a level 20 hunter, I find I can earn at least two bright engrams per session and it’s a nice sense of accomplishment.

voidwalker warlock nathan fillion destiny 2

So what is it that has led players away from Destiny 2? For one, let us not forget that the game only just released on PC where many gamers prefer to go online over consoles. Let us not also forget the ridiculously outstanding lineup of games that have launched this year to pull the attention of gamers away. So why hasn’t Destiny 2 been holding everyone’s attention? I believe the problem lies in the veiled grind and the lack of reward for completing it.


“When people complain about a lack of grind its about the lack of the right kind of grind.”

Making the game more accessible, Bungie has developed Destiny 2 to let players continually level up and grow more powerful no matter what game mode you play. Raids and Strikes are not necessary to get late and post-game content, just the drive to keep playing will get you the same gear. There has also been a lack of special incentive to try the harder game modes, and some even believe the Raids and Strikes are only marginally more difficult and as such, the challenge is gone. Bungie created these semi-open world planets with so much going on, each one feels like a war zone, but the payoff for overcoming it is meager.

While the missions can get repetitive, the game is still peppered with adventures, patrols, and any number of grind-like side quests that just try to feel less grindy by adding a sub-plot or quick-witted banter. Why is this a problem? Because the motivation to keep playing is gone. When Factions returned to Destiny 2, players found a new purpose and objective. I for one wanted to get as many tokens as I could for my Faction and it became a daily obsession, and then it was over and it was back to random daily quests. In truth, the drive to keep playing sits in the back of my mind, but having grinded out hours upon hours nonstop and with little new content, the motivation to keep playing starts to dwindle. When people complain about a lack of grind it’s about the lack of the right kind of grind: players want to grind towards better, special, rare, and exclusive gear as a reward for their efforts. Why bother with a strike if I can get the same gear wandering around EDZ?

The game itself isn’t flawed, it handles fantastic, the graphics are gorgeous, and fights can be overwhelming and thrilling. I refrain from saying the game is too easy, but it’s more that it’s overly accessible. If I want to play some mindless shooter for a few hours, then Destiny 2 works. Once you reach the end game, however, it’s hard to keep positive motivation, and if you are one of the gamers who find themselves resenting Destiny 2 right now, here is my advice to you: Take a breather. 2017 has been an explosive year for gaming, with Super Mario Odyssey, Breath of the Wild, Horizon Zero Dawn, Shadow of War, the list goes on for miles.

destiny 2 beta hunter arcstrider

Bungie has already let us know that we should expect a lot of content for Destiny 2, and if you feel like the game has lost you, give yourself a chance to miss playing and come back as the DLC gets closer. Maybe that’s where all the players went, to get some downtime after their 50th raid, the point is Destiny 2 is a phenomenal game that got everything right from the first one and listened to the community for what it wanted. We just need to tough it out until our next fix.

Were you able to get the iPhone X model you wanted during pre-orders? [Poll]

For many, the iPhone X pre-order process was surprisingly smooth, but for others, it was as frustrating as ever. With issues ranging from the Apple Store not coming back online on time to iPhone Upgrade Program failures, some customers weren’t able to get the model they wanted when they wanted it.

Were you successful on iPhone X pre-order night?

Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover

I stayed up until the sacred 3:01 AM ET pre-order time and used my iPad Pro, iPhone 8 Plus, and MacBook Pro, quickly refreshing and force quitting the Apple Store app. The Apple Store came back online around at 3:04 AM for me, first on my iPad. From there, the iPhone X model that I had saved as my “favorite” was seemingly no longer favorited, so I began the process from the start.

I chose the iPhone X in Space Gray and 256GB and sped through the check out process. While I had wanted to join the iPhone Upgrade Program this year, I didn’t want to risk trouble during the approval process, so I went ahead and upgraded through AT&T Next like I have done in past years. About 60 seconds after starting the process, I successfully checked out with Apple Pay and had the confirmation email in my inbox.

For me, the iPhone X pre-order process went much smoother than the iPhone 7 pre-order process a year ago. Last year, I went into the evening hoping to get the iPhone 7 Plus in Jet Black – but as we’re all now aware of, Jet Black supply was severely constrained and I ultimately settled for the matte black.

My success, however, wasn’t shared across the board as people ran into a slew of different issues. Some had problems applying for the iPhone Upgrade Program. For some customers in countries other than the United States, the Apple Store didn’t come back online until 10-15 minutes after it was supposed to, and at that point, many models had already slipped past the November 3rd delivery date. Others, especially those who attempted to pre-order through AT&T’s website or app, ran into issues even getting to the pre-order webpage.

There is some good news, though. Apple has moved estimated delivery dates forward for some customers as duplicate orders are sorted and the company further refines its supply.

Were you able to get the iPhone X model you wanted, delivered when you wanted it? Let us know down in the poll and tell your story in the comments.

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The Guy Who Just Wanted an Instagram Picture – Dating Woes and Ego Blows

(when likes outrank love)

Hello again!

Today we’re lucky enough to read a Ghost Month submission from none other than Sukhi, the UK-based blogger behind Sikhing Sanity. Read on for her account of a date that didn’t quite go as planned:

So I went on a date this weekend just gone, and sadly, it didn’t pan out well. I say sadly because I thought this guy had potential. We started chatting on a dating site and eventually progressed to WhatsApp. It seemed like we had a lot in common and after a couple of weeks of messaging, he finally suggested meeting. I’m quite old school in that I prefer the guy to take the leas when it comes to organising the first date. And his first date suggestion was actually pretty cool. He suggested we check out the Jean-Michel Basquiat exhibition at the Barbican. I first came across Basquait’s work when I purchased a jumper with a Basquiat print from Uniqlo. So when he mentioned the exhibition I was all ears and raring to go. I had a couple of hesitations with the guy, one of which was his height. I’m not the tallest girl by any means, standing at a pretty average 5 foot 7 inches. However, among Indians, that’s pretty tall for a girl, and sadly, Indian guys aren’t the tallest in the world either.

This guy’s profile has him down at 5’7. And having experienced this problem before, I was skeptical that he would actually be shorter in person than his profile stated. Why is it that guys insist on adding a few extra inches to their height when it comes to their dating profile? Do they think their date won’t notice? My other reservation was the fact that he seemed a bit too into Instagram for my liking. I’ve set up an account for my blog, but it’s pretty evident that I’m not an avid Instagrammer.


But in this spirit of trying to avoid being height-ist and judgmental, I wanted to meet him. We seemed to have good banter after all, and that’s more important than height and social media addictions, right? Although, it did mean no heeled ankle boots for my date, which are my go-to shoe this time of year. When we met, he was slightly shorter than me. *Sigh*. However, this wasn’t an immediate deal breaker. What was a little surprising was the fact that he seemed more quiet and nervous than I expected –and there was no immediate chemistry. *Bigger sigh*.

We went around the exhibition and he mentioned several times he was gutted that photography wasn’t allowed —“How will my Instagram followers know I was here?” His words, not mine, I don’t think it was said in jest either, which made me cringe a bit, but little did I know, the best moment was yet to come. Once we’d done out rounds of the exhibition he suggested we look for a Basquiat-inspired Banksy nearby. Again, I like Banksy’s stuff, so I happily agreed.

When we located the Banksy, before I knew it, he was shoving his jacket in my hand saying “Hold this,” which he quickly corrected to “Please hold this,” followed by, “Take a picture for my Instagram?”


I’ve never had a date ask me to take a picture of them for their Instagram before. I’m not the best photographer, and I was taken aback by his request, so I quickly snapped a couple of pictures and handed him back his phone. It kind of felt like a random tourist had asked me to take their picture in front of Big Ben. I asked him if the snaps were OK, and he said they were alright, but his facial expression clearly showed he wasn’t impressed with my photography. He then asked me if I wanted a picture —No, no thank you. As we walked away from the Banksy I was equally amused and confused by what had just happened.

Soon after, we parted ways to head to our respective tube stations. We exchanged an awkward hug goodbye and I’ve not heard from him since –which I’m pretty happy about. I have no intention to get back in touch with him, and he clearly feels the same. Although I am left thinking, he just wanted to go on this date to get a cultured, arty picture for his Instagram followers!

Best wishes



If you enjoyed Sukhi’s work, be sure to take a look at her other stories on Sikhing Sanity.

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Most Wanted Finalizes Their European Roster for Call of Duty: WWII | Esports News & Videos

Most Required Finalizes Their European Roster for Call of Responsibility: WWII

The Most Required esports group has finalized their European roster for the forthcoming Call of Responsibility: WWII competitive time.

Set to release in early November, Call of Responsibility: WWII will return to ‘boots on the ground’ beat next 3 several years of ‘advanced movement’ mechanics, which has created significant quantities of excitement amongst the local community.

On the other hand, with the Infinite Warfare time coming to a close in August, the ‘offseason’ has viewed a range of significant-profile team adjustments in preparation for the forthcoming time regarded as ‘rostermania.’

Initially coming into the CoD scene again all through the Ghosts specialist time, Most Required has been in and out of the local community with a large range of unique rosters all over the several years.

Whilst it was earlier declared that the group introduced on Frank ‘Verdict’ O’Sullivan and Laurens ‘Subsist’ Schuurmans, it was revealed on Oct 12th that EmigrantChain and Creza will spherical-out the roster for the forthcoming CoD: WWII time.


The two new gamers the two appear from an in depth history in the European Lookup and Destroy local community, and will look to mildew their respawn expertise together with Verdict and Subsist in the ‘boots on the ground’ environment.

Call of Responsibility: WWII is slated to start around the world on November 3rd for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One particular, and Computer system platforms.

Most Required Call of Responsibility

  •  Frank ‘Verdict’ O’Sullivan
  •  Laurens ‘Subsist’ Schuurmans
  • EmigrantChain
  • Creza


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Call of Responsibility, Transfers, WWII Information


Washington NFL players surprise young boy with the Xbox he always wanted 

One little boy got the birthday surprise of a lifetime when he was wistfully looking at an Xbox One in GameStop. A Facebook user detailed what he witnessed while in the store:

“Today I witnessed one of the most amazing acts of kindness I’ve ever witnessed. I was in Gamestop and a child walked in around 11 years old talking about how his birthday was coming up and he’s wanted an Xbox One for a few years, but his parents couldn’t afford it. Another customer overheard this and walked up and asked the child what the issue was. The child explained again that he wanted an Xbox for the last few years for his birthday and his parents couldn’t afford it. These two gentlemen told the kid they wanted to buy him an Xbox for his birthday and to go out and get his mom and make sure it was ok. The kid, in shock, went and told his mother and this mother came into the store wondering who wanted to buy their kid an Xbox. The mom walks in and the one guy says:

“Ma’am, my name is Keith Marshall and this is Rob Kelley and we play for the Washington Redskins and we would love to buy your son an Xbox One for his birthday.”

My jaw hit the floor watching this. So they buy him the Xbox and a game and they take pictures with the child and go on about their day. I didn’t even know what to say. It was such a good moment from 2 guys who I will forever be a fan of from this day on.”

Video hasn’t emerged of this moment yet, but still — someone’s cutting onions in here. When you’re a kid a week feels like an eternity, let alone wanting something for years that you can’t have. These players saw an opportunity to brighten a kid’s year, and took it a moment’s notice.

Now people are praising Marshall and Kelley for their kindness, and from the comments we got this gem of an admission from the kid who got the Xbox.

“Probably my favorite part was the little boy told them he was a Cowboys fan, and Keith laughed and gave him a high five for not even caring lol”

This whole story is just the best.