How to Play All Videos in a Folder on Mac OS with a Playlist and VLC

Play multiple videos in a playlist on the Mac with VLC

If you’re a Mac user with a lot of video files and movies, you may wonder how you can play multiple video files one after another in a playlist. While the native Quicktime app is a great media player, it doesn’t offer a playlist capability, so if you want to play all videos from a folder on the Mac you will need to rely on a different app.

There are a few options for playing multiple video files from a folder or some other movie collection, including even using iTunes, but perhaps the best option for most Mac users is VLC, a free third party app that is also a bit of a swiss army knife of media playing, not to mention cross platform compatible, and arguably one of the best video players on a Mac.

How to Play Videos in a Playlist in Mac OS

  1. Download from here (it’s free) and install VLC on the Mac if you have not done so already
  2. Launch VLC
  3. Play multiple videos in a playlist on the Mac with VLC

  4. From the Finder, locate and select the multiple video files you want to play sequentially in a playlist on the Mac
  5. Drag and drop those selected video files into the VLC icon, or the VLC application interface that is open in Mac OS
  6. Drag and drop videos into VLC

  7. The videos will begin playing automatically, in sequential order
  8. Access the playlist by going to the VLC “Window” menu and choosing “Playlist”
  9. Playlist under the Window VLC menu

  10. Modify the play order by dragging and dropping the video files shown in the playlist as necessary

You can drag an entire folder of videos or movies into VLC to create a playlist, otherwise choose a collection of movies to play by selecting multiple files on the Mac and dragging those into the media player app.

VLC can make video playlists easily

While this applies to the Mac, you can accomplish the same sequential video playlist on iPhone and iPad by using VLC for iOS, which also plays a wide variety of video formats and types. And since VLC is cross platform compatible, you can also setup the same playlists the same way on a Windows PC, Android, or linux machine too.

As mentioned before, you can also create a new playlist in iTunes and play multiple video files that way, but VLC is a better choice for many users because VLC has a very broad range of media file compatibility and is able to play MOV, MKV, AVI, WMV, amongst many other video file formats.

If you know of another (or better) approach to playing multiple video files in a playlist on the Mac, let us know in the comments below!

Drift0r is Investigating Skill Based Match Making in Call of Duty WWII | Esports News & Videos

The debate between the Phone of Duty group about talent dependent matchmaking (SBMM) is not likely to at any time conclusion.

If you’re late to the party, there is a developing variety of individuals who suspect that SBMM is an integral aspect of the matchmaking on Connect with of Obligation WWII, which was developed and unveiled by Sledgehammer Online games on November 3rd.

Co-founder of the studio and guide developer, Michael Condrey, has explained in no unsure phrases that SBMM just merely is not a point, but simply because people today are frequently matching up in opposition to men and women they come to feel are a related degree exterior of Ranked Participate in, the speculation won’t prevent.

A person guy who’s refusing to make a selection primarily based purely on how he feels is popular YouTuber Brad ‘Driftor’ Overbey. Acknowledged for his precise calculations when it will come to weapons in the CoD series, he’s now applying that to the investigation guiding SBMM.

Late on Monday December 4th he unveiled a Tweet to demonstrate that he received his 1st SBMM Problem Submission, which is a large paper comprehensive of hardcore community evaluation.

In reaction an additional preferred YouTuber, Birdman, responded and the pair talked about irrespective of whether it was truly involved in the game and what he hopes to discover from the info.





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Former Rogue Call of Duty Roster Under New Organization | Esports News & Videos

The former Simply call of Duty Roster for Esports organization Rogue, had been reportedly introduced from the staff and have now observed a new house under Team SiNister.

The Rogue roster who put leading 24 at the 2017 CWL Championship in the beginning resigned with the business in early November, adhering to confusion as to whether they would remain.

Following asserting they experienced resigned, the workforce seemed established to compete at CWL Dallas and CWL New Orleans under the Rogue banner.

Even so, in a surprise announcement, Casey “Pandur” Romano unveiled the workforce had been unveiled from Rogue owing to “unfortunate circumstances”.

The group ended up still left with out funding for the impending gatherings, and reached out by using Twitter to request new illustration.

In significantly less than a day the squad located a new partnership, teaming up with a previous organization of players Pandur and Adam “GodRx” Brown, Staff SiNister.

Rogue on their own are nonetheless to release a assertion on the proceedings, but have taken off Get in touch with of Duty participation from the checklist of titles they industry groups in, in their Twitter bio. It would feel therefore at this time Rogue are no for a longer time wanting to compete in the CWL, or at minimum are trying to keep their designs less than wraps for the time being.

Crew SiNister, which also contains John “Johnny” Cookson and Steven “Stamino” Damiano, will be attending CWL Dallas and competing via the open up bracket, after failing to get the necessary pro points to consider just one of the 10 places in pool play available to North American teams.

The Dallas celebration will take place December 8th – December 10th at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre in Dallas, Texas. Total information and facts about the 2018 CWL Season and forthcoming activities can be uncovered suitable below.

Crew SiNister Phone of Obligation

  •  Casey “Pandur” Romano
  •  Adam “GodRx” Brown
  •  John “Johnny” Cookson
  •  Steven “Stamino” Damiano


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Popular Streamer Thinks He Could Play Professional Call of Duty | Esports News & Videos

Preferred Connect with of Responsibility streamer and YouTuber “Wings of Redemption”, if not acknowledged as Jordie Jordan, has spoken about how simple he believes it would be for him to come to be a specialist CoD player.

A very long time member of the Contact of Obligation community on the internet, Wings of Redemption rose to attractiveness around throughout the early CoD: Environment at War title in 2009. Nonetheless an lively streamer and YouTube persona, he has spoken out about the stage of specialist play at this time, and promises he could easily be a skilled himself.

Throughout his livestream, one of his viewers place the topic to him, and Wings obliged to focus on, speaking on his prospects to scrim with storied Esports organization Staff EnVyUs, and what he thinks it can take to go professional.

Setting up out, he describes that he thinks he could go professional himself.

“I could enjoy Get in touch with of Obligation professionally. Quite simply.

I employed to have to scrim with Group EnVyUs all the time and I hung with them really well.”

He also goes on to cite his ability in other to start with human being shooters, specifically Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, a title mainly focused on competitive enjoy.

“Obviously there is issues about my sport that I [would] need to make improvements to.

But my goal is not terrible, my skill to learn is not terrible

I’m a diamond level player in Rainbow 6.”



When some his viewers challenged his claims, Jordan goes on to reveal more, clarifying that he does not consider many of the major degree gamers presently are as great as some would give them credit rating for.

“There’s a good deal of poor competitive player’s too,

just since you see 2 or 3 of the well known teams, does not make that the normal.”

He also displays a lanyard from a aggressive CoD function he attended, UMG South Carolina. The function, which took location in February 2016, noticed many of the leading professional teams compete, which includes OpTic Gaming, Luminosity, FaZe Clan and Team EnVyUs, as very well as eventual winners, Rise Nation.

“I went to the South Carolina UMG, I could have sh*t on 85% of men and women in that match.

There was an all lady professional workforce there, that had been just terrible.”

Presumably he is referring to the female roster of Luminosity, which showcased Victrix, Vindictive, OMGLove and Blush. This crew unsuccessful to split into the top rated 24 of the open bracket.



Finally, Jordan questions the validity of the term professional, stating that any individual who plays online video online games for a residing could be thought of a experienced, just not in the aggressive feeling.

“Just because I’m not OpTic stage, does not mean I don’t have the capacity to go professional.

Technically, I’m a professional correct now, but pretty significantly any lady gamer is a qualified as perfectly.”



Regarding claims he earlier scrimmed with Crew EnVyUs, he does not specify a time time period, on the other hand it is very likely this was quite a few a long time former, as qualified teams at present commonly only scrim against other experts.

As he states, he does not intend to actually attempt to participate in Simply call of Duty professionally, due to a self-admitted lack of sportsmanship.


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Videos will not play – at least if they are Facebook’s.

As the title says, I cannot play Facebook videos. If they are YouTube, no problems.

I have a new Pixelbook on fast internet. So the issues are not on my end. I had the same problem with a Leveno N22 Chromebook.

Has anyone been able to find a fix? Searching the Facebook Help was no help at all.